Our Mission: 

To instill value in our community and children through the sport of baseball in the Bay of Plenty.  

Our Values:

One Team: We achieve great results together as one team through sportsmanship, humility and respect.

Inclusive: We are your community, Whanau, embracing diversity and open to everyone.

Fun: We are creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Honesty: We are transparent and held accountable for our actions. 

Passion for Excellence: We are committed to a high standard on and off the diamond.

Tauranga City Baseball started in May 2015 after president Shane Woolley and his wife Lisa had visited the Fieldhouse batting cages in Auckland.  Upon realising that there were several baseball clubs in Auckland, they wondered if baseball in Tauranga could be a possibility? With the help of 3 other passionate committee members, Tauranga City baseball was born and has been growing ever since.  In the first season, there were two youth teams ranging in ages 8-15 and an adult social league.  In the second season, Kiwiball was introduced for kids ages 5-9 and the youth teams increased to three teams, finishing the season off with a National Tournament in Auckland.  We now have 8 volunteer committee members who work tirelessly to ensure that this sport meets its values and its objectives that it has set out to achieve.  

Why baseball?  We are passionate about our youth being active, developing character and creating memories through new opportunities.  Baseball offers all of these things.  It is fun, has many teachable moments and there are many opportunities to travel within New Zealand and overseas, with the possibility of even playing in the US through Universities.  Many of our kids are just learning the sport so if you have never played, don't let that put you off.  Come to one of pre-season trainings or open days to give it a go!