As you make your way through the Taekwondo learning process you will reach levels at which you can Grade to the

next belt colour.

Gradings are available up to 2 times per year at approximately 6 monthly intervals.

Master Miller grades all students.

Belt Colours: White - Yellow - Green - Blue - Red - Black [ with colour tabs between each colour up to Black]

Each new belt represents your progress through this great learning program. You will only grade to the next belt

when your Instructor considers you ready, this requires commitment and attendance. Each new belt achieved brings

with it enhanced self confidence and self esteem.

Grading fees are $30 -$45 per grading per person for Colour Belts.

Blackbelt Gradings are currently for the International Kukkiwon Blackbelt from South Korea  and are well recognised all over the world.

Each successful Black belt on recieving their Certificate will also be issued with their own personal number which is recorded in the Kukkiwon in Seoul, South Korea the home of this Martial Art.