Underwater hockey is a fun way to increase your fitness and meet new friends and is appropriate for Intermediate age school children and up. People of all sizes and abilities are able to play - you don't have to be a really good swimmer either!

Our game is played on the bottom of a swimming pool.  Players use a mask, snorkel, fins and specially shaped sticks to push a plastic coated lead puck into the opposition goal.

A team has up to 10 players - 6 in the water and the rest on the side of the pool as substitutes.
Tauranga uwh club sends teams to regional and national competitions and several local Secondary schools have teams that compete annually in the NZ Secondary Schools competition.

We play at Baywave every Sunday except for public holidays in Terms 1 & 4 from 5pm - 6pm for Juniors/Novices  and Seniors from 5pm -6:45pm. New Members welcome, come and learn a new sport and have fun. Returning University Students and visiting players all welcome just turn up and pay on the day. 

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