GET INVOLVED: Coaches, Referees, Managers


The Club is always looking for keen and commiteed coaches for all age groups. If you are interested in coaching or assisting with coaching a team please complete an Expression of Interest form (see right) and give to our Club Administrator.

Coaching resources

The Club has some sets of NZWP's coach development notes available as a resource for new coaches. It has a big section on tactical development. Ask our Club Administrator if you would like to borrow a copy.​ We also have a series of basic session plans we can provide you with, as a planning tool or to give you ideas of useful drills.​

​NZWP also provides free online coach training and resources on its website.


Rules and Refereeing Course  - these are run 2 or 3 times each year The course is beneficial if you are refereeing, coaching or looking for clarification on some of the recent rule changes. Everyone is welcome.

Please let our Club Administrator know if you are interested in doing the course. The date of the next course will be added to noticeboard when it is set. In addition, NZWP provides free online referee training and resources on its website.


Volunteering as a manager is a very rewarding way of being involved with waterpolo and contributing to the team.  If you are interested in managing a team please please complete an Expression of Interest form (See right) and give to our Club Administrator.​You will be given a Manager's Handbook which contains all the forms, help and information you need.