A Warm Welcome to Bayfest 2021,

As we get closer to the start of Bayfest 2021, we would like to make sure that Bayfest runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible for each school, and the students playing so they are able to enjoy themselves at this tournament.

Bayfest is all about getting intermediate students in the pool and playing more water polo so they are able to develop their skill set before going to college. We have made the most of the pool space and pool time, by allowing over the two and half days for each team to play roughly 5-6 games minimum. More tournament information is listed below.

Tournament Dates and Times:

Wednesday 11th August: 8:30am – 4:30pm

Thursday 12th August: 8:30am – 4:30pm

Friday 123h August: 8:30am – 12:30pm

Tournament Structure:

There will be NO coach or managers team briefing in the morning, however, we will have a tournament manager poolside near the TWP office if you have any questions on the day. We please ask that only team managers and coaches liaison with the tournament manager and event organisers, which will be easily identified by their TWP uniform.

The tournament will be divided into two divisions:

  1. A Grade comprising of 6 teams
  2. B Grade comprising of 7 teams


The games will be roughly 25 minutes long, structured as 5 minute Quarters. There will not be a huge amount of pool warm-up time, so please make sure your team is warmed up and ready to go before getting into the pool, these dryland warmups can be done outside of the pool complex or under the hydro-slide.


  • FINA rules, and age-appropriate rules, as adopted by NZWP shall apply.
  • At the completion of the round-robin, all games requiring a definite result will move to ‘Golden Goal’ sudden death (first goals win).
  • All games will be played in four x five minutes running time quarters.
  • Players are not permitted in the empty lanes of the pool while another game is being played.
  • Open Division teams can be made up of any gender ratio (teams can be boys only).
  • Girls Division teams can be made up of girls only.
  • Six team members play at once including the goalie.
  • Goalkeepers and players are interchangeable.
  • Maximum of 11 players in each team.
  • ALL players on the game sheet MUST play one (1) full period during the first half of the game; no substitutions (other than through injury) are allowed during play within the first two (2) quarters, i.e. a coach plays six (6) players during the complete first quarter of the game and then up to six (6) different players, including the goalkeeper if there is a second goalkeeper listed, during the second quarter.
  • The team named first, on the left of the draw, will wear WHITE caps.
  • Two players from the team wearing white caps will be goal judges for the following game.
  • No timeouts allowed.
  • 30-second shot clock will apply regardless of having no stop clock, except in the final minute of the game.
  • There will be no substitutions in the last minute of the last quarter in any games.

NOTE** These rules especially the highlighted rules will be closely watched by event managers and referees, if you fail to do this then a penalty will be applied to your team.

Tournament Referees.

We do have a few volunteers on the table, but would much appreciate teams to do ball judge after they have played. The draw and results will be posted on the Tauranga Waterpolo website as well as our regulatory safety information closer to the event.

Team List:

Can managers please send through their team list prior to the tournament starting as this will save time at tournament.

Please note, teams will not need to pay for entry into Bay Fest as this is covered in your entrance fee, however parents and other spectators will need to pay for their entry and the front desk of Bay wave.


Wayne and Eliza-Jane