The Auroa Hockey Surface

In April 2015 Auroa School approached the club to tell us they were laying an artificial surface on their 3 netball/tennis courts.  The school fronted up with the money needed for the carpet and offered us the chance to source a padded underlay ideal for hockey to support the project. 

As a result of this opportunity coming to light the club committee decided that we would do what we needed to get this facility to a quality that would best support hockey players in the region.  

This meant a lot of work for the current club committee, including developing and adopting a constitution and becoming an Incorporated Society. Doing this then allowed us to apply for funding from more sources.  

Applications went out and thanks to David Stones of the Good Home in New Plymouth and the rest of the New Zealand Charitable Trust members we were able to secure $40, 000 worth of funding just in time to get the underlay put down before the artificial surface had to go over the top.   

Well done and thank you to all involved!  


To make a booking you will need to contact Auroa School.