Club History

Te Kiri Hockey Club is a family club that has been supporting the growth of hockey in and around Coastal Taranaki since 1936.  

Current members would like to acknowledge the players and orgisners of years gone bye and thank them for the legacy they have created. 


2015 saw a new era for Te Kiri Hockey Club with the introduction of junior teams into the club.  This came about as part of the merger between the club and Egmont Junior Hockey Association. 

Both organisations success were due to mostly the same few people contributions so it seemed logical to amalgamate and become an Incorporated Society.  Doing this also supports both Te Kiri Hockey Club and Egmont Juniors in securing more funding as seen in the money raised to put the padding under the new artificial surface at Auroa School and new Uniforms. 

Te Kiri Hockey Club welcome the members of Egmont Junior Hockey Association and look forward to working as one to ensure the continued success of Hockey in the region for young and old. 

Life Members:​​​​​​​

Mr J. McCandlish                   1973

Mrs. Horgan SNR

Mr. D.J. Coxhead

Mrs. B Coxhead

Mrs. E Sayed

Mr. P.R. Corbett

Mr. G.R. Burkitt

Mr. E. Phillips

Mr. J.M. Horgan                    1978

Mr. G. Phillips                       1980

Mr. A. Phillips                       1984

Mr M. Horgan                       1990

Mr. V. Coxhead                     1992

Mr. S. Phillips (Post Humous) 1998

Mr. L. Morgan                       2011