Senior Club

Te Kiri Hockey Club is one of the largest clubs in the Taranaki region with 3 senior teams.  In the mens competions we have the Rangers who play in the Premiership and The Rovers who play in the Championship.  Our Womens team compete strongly in the womens grade that usually spilts halfway through the season. 

It's never to late to join the action!  If you want to get involved either get in touch with us or you can register as a member on line now.  

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This normally kicks off in Early Feburary for Rangers but Rovers and the Women tend to get together 2-3 weeks prior to the season starting.     


Trainings happen every week.   They are compulosry for Rangers but the turf is open to all members during this time.  The trainings rotate weekly to be at either the TET one week or Auroa Turf/Bell Block School Hall (for our NP based players) the next.   


These can change from season to season but have remainded steady at the following rates for several years now.  

Senior:  $280

High School:  $180

These are to be paid (or some other arrangement approved by the Club Treasurer - Merryn Kidd)by a certain date in the season set by the Executive Comittee each year. 

To pay these fees you can either pay cash or cheque to your team manager or put a payment through to the club bank account.  

Acc Number:  1539 52038 2564 01

Please ensure you put your name and your team name in the particulars.  


We supply mens players with a shirt and womens players with a shirt and skirt.  All players need to source thier black and sky blue hoop socks from Karahms Sport Centre in Opunake. Men need to source a pair of plane black sport shorts as well. Like the socks you can also sources these from Karahms Sport Centre.  

All feild players are also expected to supply thier own stick as well as mouthguards and shin guards which are both mandatory to wear as per Taranaki Hockey health and saftey policies.