Clubs need to provide figures to their association listing their members into categories for statistical purposes. Regions must send this info to Tennis NZ in April each year.

This is the regular annual survey of Associations/Regions (a requirement under the Constitution of Tennis New Zealand Inc.)

Figures are required in the following categories for statistical purposes. This breakdown also
gives TNZ a clearer picture of the membership base when applying to SPORTNZ for grants and when approaching sponsors. Categories are:
Senior Male
Senior Female
Junior (12-18 years) Male
Junior (12-18 years) Female
Under 12 (0-11 years) Male
Under 12 (0-11 years) Female
All players aged 12-18 years must be included in the Junior (12-18 years) category irrespective of
whether they are playing junior or senior interclub or not playing interclub at all.

To provide their association with the names of all members split into the categories shown
above. All playing members are to be included (eg veterans, mid-week, juniors under 12)
irrespective of playing rights. This return is to be made, as at 30 April, by the date set by
the parent association.
Thank you to those clubs who have successfully implemented the Promato Membership
database. The initial uptake has been very encouraging and the feedback extremely positive.
These clubs will be able to submit their Membership Return via the system if desired.
Promato is free to most clubs – contact your Regional Development Manager to get started.

To provide to Tennis NZ the required membership information as above.
The return is to be made as at 30 April  and returned no later than Monday 24th May.
We thank you for your co-operation and your ongoing efforts to work with Tennis NZ to develop
and enhance tennis across New Zealand.