Dear Clubs,What an exciting year it’s been! We hope you’ve had an enjoyable season and have plenty of positive moments to reflect on as we all wind down a bit into winter.

A highlight for many was the hugely successful Love Tennis national open weekend campaign in September. 128 clubs participated from Kaitaia to Dunedin. Over 14,000 participants attended, with an estimated 2,100 new club membership sign-ups, generating an estimated $350,000 in new revenue for clubs.5 forward thinking clubs should be proud to have been pilot clubs for the launch of Book a Court – Since November 2019 more than 150 court bookings have been made at these pilot clubs, generating over $2100 of income from casual players. We are on track for 25 Book a Court venues nationwide by July 2020 – with clubs benefitting from a $10,000 (approx.) subsidy from Tennis NZ. Many of you have been patient with ClubSpark, and continued development improvements from the international software company have begun to ease your administration burden – over 137 clubs are now ClubSpark users.

And of course, two huge moments for NZ more recently have been hosting the Fed Cup in Wellington in February and the Davis Cup in Auckland in March – with the icing on the cake being wins for team NZ in both competitions.

Looking forward, we are gearing up to tour to 5 venues nationwide for the second annual Club Conference.

All of these exciting opportunities (and plenty I’ve not mentioned) for our sport are made possible in no small part due to the financial contributions that players (at the moment, mostly members) make to tennis. These contributions help subsidise many initiatives that are geared to growing and improving many aspects of our favourite sport.

About this time of year we do two things:

1. Gather the number of ALL people playing tennis – from members, to business house players, to Cardio Tennis participants to casual bookers to Hot Shots kids. This is because we want to shout to Sport NZ, the general public, sponsors and funders about how much tennis is GROWING!

2. Gather affiliation fees from the regional bodies which help subsidise all those great things I mentioned earlier. These fees have been fixed for the past 2 years, but generally only go up annually by CPI. Tennis NZ no longer bases affiliation fees on membership numbers – because we know doing that inhibits growth of the sport.

We need your help with NUMBER 1. Please can you tell us about ALL the people playing tennis at your club?

Tennis New Zealand 17 Antares Place, PO Box 302-145, North Harbour, Auckland 0751 Phone: +64 9 528 5428

Annual membership and participation numbers collection


Whether people play tennis casually once a year, drop into the club a bit over the summer, or are fully committed to practice three times a week PLUS interclub on a Saturday, we want to count them as part of our tennis community! We want to shout loud about all the people who enjoy this great sport, and to be able to do that, we need to know as much about them as we can.Sport NZ, funders, sponsors, councils etc are all interested in how many people play tennis. And the more we can tell those stakeholders about tennis the better. Each year, we collect information about people playing at clubs and venues across NZ, to help paint a vibrant picture for tennis as a whole.


To assist with building the tennis picture nationwide, we would like you to tell us about a few categories of tennis player at your club.

Tennis NZ currently use Promato to record overall participant numbers. Of course many clubs have now migrated to ClubSpark so this year their numbers will have to be manually entered into Promato. This is basically the same process as in previous years for non Promato clubs.

All participant data will be extracted by Tennis New Zealand from PROMATO on 30th April. We request that clubs complete before Thursday 23rd April.

The good news is we’ve made it as EASY as possible for you!

Data will be collected from around the country in these two areas;

• Club membership figures

• Casual participation figures

Remember, none of this data has an impact on Tennis NZ’s affiliation fees to regional bodies.

PROMATO USERSHow to submit the data if your club uses PROMATO?• Log on to Promato, go to Club Return Menu• Your membership numbers are already there!• Check membership details are up-to-date and make adjustments as necessary• Add estimate casual participation numbers• Approve numbers ready for extraction• Then you’re done! CLUBSPARK USERS• Log into ClubSpark and go to Contacts.• For each of the Membership Categories listed below run a Contact Report.o Select Active Member in the Member Status filtero Use the Junior and Age filters to select the age range for juniors (0-11 or 12-18)o Use the Junior = No filter to select Adults and age ranges (19-34 or 35-99)o Export each list as a csv file• Use Promato to submit the data as per the options belowTennis New Zealand 17 Antares Place, PO Box 302-145, North Harbour, Auckland 0751 Phone: +64 9 528 5428

NOT USING PROMATO How to submit the data if your club does NOT use Promato for membership.Option 1 – Enter manually on Promato by importing a member list from a spreadsheet or entering just your member counts. Need a Promato login? Email us.Option 2 – Email us your data to admin@tennis.kiwi and Liesl will enter your data for you! Send the data categorised into the membership categories listed below. Include your estimate of casual participation numbers.We will confirm back to you your club’s final numbers, then you’re done!Need help?• Call us 09 528 5428• Email us admin@tennis.kiwi• On Promato, click on Club Return Menu, then Tell me about Club Return• Need a Promato login? Email us.What are Casual Players?Defined as anyone playing at a club who is not an affiliated member. This may include short term members, non-members hiring courts, people playing in club events like business-house, non-members receiving coaching, kids being coached for free etc.Note: National Programmes (Hot Shots, Cardio, Xpress) information will be collected directly from deliverers. However, if any of these players are MEMBERS, please INCLUDE them in your Promato membership return.

Membership CategoriesThe breakdown for membership categories remains the same and is listed below.

• Senior (35+) Male• Senior (35+) Female• Adult (19-34) Male• Adult (19-34)

Female• Junior (12-18 years) Male• Junior (12-18 years) Female• Under 12 (0-11 years) Male• Under 12 (0-11 years) Female

THANK YOU Should you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact admin@tennis.kiwiThanks again for your assistance to get this data collected.Jenny FitzmauriceHead of Participation and CoachingTennis New Zealand