SPORT@Te Puke High School

Welcome to SPORT@TPHS

Sport plays an integral part of student life here at Te Puke High School, from the traditional sports of rugby and netball to the more niche sports like table tennis and equestrian.  

The Sports Program offers a wide range of sports at many differing levels. Students are encouraged to play multiple codes across the summer and winter season.  We pride ourselves on our mission of;

Promoting and fostering a strong sporting culture that encourages student, staff and community engagement/participation in sport.

Our main codes have a Teacher in Charge that is the primary contact for that code;

TiC Football/Futsal; Josh Crump

TiC Rugby; Simon Lockwood

TiC Netball; Sophie Mercer

TiC Basketball; Tayla Toma

TiC Hockey; Chloe Mackie

TiC Volleyball; James Tulloch

For all other sports enquires

Director of Sport; Ben Hopkins