SMALL STICKS (Mini & Kiwi Sticks) -

PRIMARY SCHOOLS 2022​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Playing and Non-playing Days

Coaches, Managers & Umpires Day: Saturday 7 May 2022

First day of games: Saturday 14 May 2022

Saturday 4 June (Queens Birthday), Saturday 25 June (Matariki) & Saturday 9 July (first Saturday of the holidays) - games are played.

Saturday 16 & 23 July (2nd & 3rd Saturdays of the holidays) - NO games

Finals day: Saturday 27 August 

Possible rain date - 

2022 Handbook -  Click here

2022 Small Sticks Managers Resource - Click here​​​​​​​

Next Committee Meeting: Tuesday, 12 April @ 7pm 2022 via Microsoft Teams

Duty List for Primary Schools: This will be updated closer to the season start date - all teams will be required to do a duty/duties throughout the season

Umpire Courses - Small Sticks (Primary) Grade Click here for more details. ​​​​​​​

Umpire Registration - Click here

THA Coach's Handbook: ​​​​​​​A Small Sticks coach's handbook has been provided by the THA Coaching committee - To be published after Coaches, Managers & Umpires Day Click here

​​​​​​​Practice Time and Turf Requests Template 2022: Click here


​​​​​​​Team lists are due: are due by Wednesday, 11 May 2022. For each team we require team name, coach and manager names and contact details (Email/phone) then players' names, gender, DOB and email address for each player. A template will be emailed to all schools and this is to be returned to 1 template per school.

Grading Guide: For team registration purposes we have produced a grading guide to assist with the initial grading of your teams for registering.  Please register teams with a grade that as near as practicable matches the team's capabilities.  The grading games for Kiwi Sticks will then be more relevant & the final grading of your team more suited to their ability. For the grading guide Click here

Friendly Manager Grades:

Div 1: Kiwi Yr 6 & 5  (½ turf)

Teams can be made up of players in these categories:

  • Teams of players who have played more than 2 or 3 years
  • Teams with Y6 players only
  • Teams who are more competitive in nature
  • This grade will begin on ¼ turf for approximately the first 3 weeks then move to ½ turf
  • A1 – A4

Div 2: Kiwi Yr 5 & 6 (¼ turf)

Teams can be made up of players in these categories:

  • Teams of players who have not played before or have only played 1 or 2 years
  • Teams who have smaller or younger players
  • Teams who are playing for fun or participation
  • A5 – A8

*When registering for the above 2 grades – enter your team name and in brackets A1 to A8 eg. Pillans Point Pumas (A1)

Div 3: Mini Sticks B1 - 6 aside (Yr 4 & 3) 

Teams can be made up of players in these categories:

  • Teams of players who have played more than 2 or 3 years
  • Teams of predominately Y4 players

Div 4: Mini Sticks - 4 aside (Yr 3 & 4) 

Teams can be made up of players in these categories:

  • Teams of players who have played less than 2 years
  • Teams with mixed age players

Div 5: Mini Sticks - 4 aside (Yr 3 & 4) 

Teams can be made up of players in these categories:

  • Teams of players who have never played hockey before or limited hockey experience
  • Teams of young players (Y3)

Don’t forget if you are unsure of which grade would suit a team or want to provide additional information about the team then please email


What equipment does each player need? Mouth guard and stick are mandatory. Bay Orthodontics have again generously donated mouth guards in 2022. We strongly advise players to have shin guards but it is not mandatory eqiupment.

Does each team need a coach and an umpire? A coach yes, and an umpire, yes. The umpire is often a parent or an older sibling of a team member. There are umpiring clinics run to help the umpires learn the rules and gain confidence.

Can any year 3 - 6 child play hockey? Yes, primary school teams  can be all-girls, all-boys teams or mixed gender.

What hockey can year 0 - 2 children playOur funsticks programme is a great way to introduce children to hockey. We have several sessions each week in different locations. Click here for information.

​​​​​​​Primary School Cancellations: Click here

Hockey is an all-weather, winter game. Games ARE played in the rain if the turfs are playable.If the rain becomes an issue causing flooding on the turfs then the coordinator onsite at Blake Park will make a decision about cancellations if needed throughout the morning. it will be the responsibility of coaches/managers at satellite sites to decide if turfs are unplayable and advise the draw steward via text as to what has happened for each game. If the decision is made to cancel it will be notified via facebook and website as outlined below: ​​​​​​​

Cancellations will be published on Tauranga Hockey Facebook page and THA Website from 7:10am Saturday.

The THA office is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, only​​​​​​​.

​​​​​​​Phones are not answered on Saturdays or Sundays.

Match cards: to download a match card please Click here

Results: if you are playing at Tauranga Hockey Centre please hand the score card to the co-ordinator in the control room.

If you are playing at a satellite venue please text the result, or send a photo, to the draw steward on 027 533 2471.

Bay Orthodontics - Free Mouthguards in 2021 - Confirmed

Once again Mark and Kathryn Johnson of Bay Orthodontics have supplied free mouthguards for our primary school players, including our funsticks players. Thanks Bay Orthodontics for continuing this generous support. Please remember to mould the mouthguards before you come to the turf for your first game.


Whanga|Harbour & Tahatai|Coast & Moana|Ocean 

See map below that also shows Pavilion, Salt and Road ends.


Tauranga Hockey Fee Schedule 2022: Click here 

Kiwi teams - $459 per team

Mini Sticks 6 aside teams - $432 per team

Mini Sticks 4 aside teams - $330 per team

THA invoices schools the subs/fees on a per team basis. Schools then invoice players along with any school-applied costs such as uniforms, coach and manager gifts, practice turf costs etc.