Under 16 2022

The U16 age has an important place within the development of young players, as they enter the ‘train to develop’ stage. Children are very capable of implementing feedback and the foundation of all basic skill is cemented. Players will need to keep polishing basic techniques and need to be challenged with more complex techniques and decision-making to further their development.

Talent and early ability at this age are no guarantees for future success. Taking late bloomers and the relative age effect into account, THA aims to provide more players at this age an opportunity for holistic development. Although the U16 Development Programme has a more inclusive nature, players will still need to show commitment and the appropriate attitude to be part of the programme. 

Players in the "train to develop" stage need to learn to train more deliberately and need to start making the transition from training to games. To help make that transition, practice games, tournaments and festivals become significant tools that allow us to deliberately prioritise participation, development and growth.

Under 16 Development Programme 2022

​​​​​​​What is the programme?

THA will deliver two weekly sessions for U16 Development in term 1. These trainings are open to players of all abilities that intend to develop their game with a vision to play under 18s representative hockey in the future. The first session will emphasise basic skills, principles of play, decision making and small gameplay. The second session is called Free Play Friday. There will be no formal coaching in this session, emphasising enjoyment and creativity. Players will be encouraged to start up small pick-up games or create their own activities to explore what is possible. The programme will provide an excellent build up into the start of school hockey. We expect the participants in this programme to sign up for the under 16 carnivals later in term 3.


To be eligible to join this programme, you must be under 16 on the first of January and in year 10 or 11 at school.

NB this training is for field players only. Goal keepers will also get an opportunity with information on a GK development course being published soon.


March 1- April 8 (6-week block)

Tuesdays 4:15- 5:45pm

Fridays 4:30-6:00pm



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Registrations close 23 February 

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Kids Sizes are 4-16 and Adult Sizes are S-5XL