Thames Harrier Club is run to encourage running and walking at all levels and ages. It has a Club Day on Saturdays from 21 March to October(see calendar for details)
Start Times:

Arrival time                  1.00pm
Start time…        from 1.15 pm

Club members attend events throughout New Zealand in from fun events to championships

Club email contact is which goes to the secretary or treasurer, Rosemary and Adrian Davis.

  • April 15  Pack Run

  • April 22  Rail Trail towards Kopu Bridge and back

  • April 29  Run round the monument via Broad Street

  • May 6  8km Road Race towards the sailing club (Tararu), staggered start

  • May 13  Jacob's Ladder and along the hills (Rotorua Marathon)

  • May 20  meet at Tararu Creek Road at 1pm, outside Sunset Motel, run up Victoria Street, bring drinks and nibbles.

  • For membership form please follow the link Click here