Hāpori Activations

Time 2 Train - Mātātoa have a deep desire to reduce Māori disengagement from our traditions, our language and our customary practices.  By normalising these practices, we can encourage whānau to embed our culture and our values in everything they do, so they have a foundation of strength to draw from, knowing who they are and where they come from.  This desire will see whānau leading whānau oranga.


Tī Rākau

Tākaro Māori

Our team aim to strengthen whānau engagement by providing learning opportunities of Te Ao Māori traditional practices and teachings through a range of activations that are centred around our core values.

We introduce these teachings in a more practical way that empowers Māori whānau to succeed by strengthening whānau to recognise the benefit in identity, belonging and Māori culture. The approach to these activations will encourage whānau to connect to their whānau, recognise who they are, connect to their community and the whenua that surrounds them each day, and understand the role they can play in becoming a positive role model in their community

Wider Impacts on the community:

Reviving traditional pathways

Reviving traditional stories

Reviving whenua kōrero

Reviving traditional practices

Revival of Te Reo Māori

Wider Impacts on the Community

Whānau will have a stronger understanding of the Principles of Te Ao Māori

Whānau will embed values and influence collective change in their homes and communities

Whānau will empower each other to strive for excellence in everything they do

Whānau will have more confidence to be Māori 

Whānau will build resilience in their communities as a collective

Whānau will have activations to look forward to that encourage intergenerational participation

Kī O Rahi

Mau Rākau