Top School 2020

Activation Sport along with Upper Hutt City Council are running Top School 2020. This event will take place at Harcourt Park Football Fields (soccer)  on 10 March and if postponed it will be moved to 12 March 2020.

Each school team needs 10 competitors - a mixture of students and parents to form an OCS team. We need five adults and five year 4 - 6 students. The five adults must comprise of two staff members, these could be teachers, teacher aides, caretaker, BOT or Home and School members, and the other three could be parents/caregivers of any child at our school.


  • Mr Dave Greville - Teacher Extraordinaire
  • Mr Richard Taylor - Teacher  Extraordinaire 
  • Mace Tapa - Super Parent 
  • Matt Lister - Super Parent 
  • Denise Johnson - Super Parent 
  • Alex Lister - Student Spectacular
  • Bella Coxson - Student Spectacular
  • Jacob Johnson - Student Spectacular
  • Jah Campbell-Tapa - Student Spectacular  
  • Teddy Downing - Student Spectacular

There will be food carts, a coffee cart and a real fruit ice cream van at the venue, as well as activities to have a go at like cardboard sliding down the bank, a play pod and an inflatable Hungerball game. 

It is definitely going to be a fun night for all.

To help us win a prize, supporters and competitors are to dress in ‘Survivor Theme’ clothing and you will then be a school tribe. Come along and have fun supporting our team. Can you come up with a chant? Name for our Tribe?

REGISTER OVER THERE to gauge interest, or download the form up there, and from here we will select a team.!

We are looking forward to a fantastic evening!

Don't forget forms need to get back to us by Thursday 5th March to be considered!