Sky Sport Next Home Advantage

During lockdown, some of New Zealand’s best-known coaches and athletes led a series of daily sport coaching and challenges in an exciting new joint initiative from Sky Sport Next, the New Zealand Sport Collective and

Sky Sport Next Home Advantage is a series of short, sport-specific coaching videos available free to air on the Sky Sport Next YouTube Channel

Touch joined a variety of sports, where expert advice was delivered in a fun way for all ages and stages. 

To view the Touch episodes, check out the videos below or head to the Sky Sport Next YouTube Channel to see some of the other sports on offer.

TOUCH EPISODE 1: Touch perfect pass

TOUCH EPISODE 2: Touch challenge

TOUCH EPISODE 3: Passing drills

TOUCH EPISODE 4: Passing from dummy half

TOUCH EPISODE 5: Agility, speed and coordination


TOUCH EPISODE 7: Gripping the ball + Tik Tok Challenge

TOUCH EPISODE 8: Defensive profiling

TOUCH EPISODE 9: Tap, scoop & touchdown

TOUCH EPISODE 10: Evasion & 1 on 1 defence

TOUCH EPISODE 11: Draw and pass

TOUCH EPISODE 12: Planting the ball

TOUCH EPISODE 13: Juggling and coordination

TOUCH EPISODE 14: Entering and winning the ruck

TOUCH EPISODE 16: Performing a wrap

TOUCH EPISODE 17: Depth pass

TOUCH EPISODE 18: Slide dive

TOUCH EPISODE 20: Reaction and evasion