Shoe Clinic Tysons

Our 2023  Premier teams have been selected, please see below. 

Premier 1 

Coach: Raymond Tuuta
Assistant Coach: Jane Parker-Bishop & Che Tamati
Manager: Che Tamati

Players: Connie Clement, Tiaan Taylor,  Amber Ormond, Sarah Moller,  Dominic Williams-Riding, Jessica Tuki, Heidi Kahupukoro, Amalita Peters, Flynn Crofsky, Emma Slater, Losalia Moeahu, Teesha Smith

Premier 2

Coach: Ary Taiapo

Manager: Paula Baker

Players: Bridget Kibby, Carly Healy, Bailee Jackson, Chanelle Prentis, Tenaeya Sutcliffe, Ashleigh Thompson, Sarah Warren, Kamerson Baker-Coleman, Brooke Rule, Kasey Wheatley, Hana Edmonds

Tysons Waitara Netball Club

TSB Bank New Plymouth


Club Treasurer Stacey Dallinger  [email protected]


President- Betty McGreal 

Treasurer- Stacey Dallinger

Secretary- Samantha Baker

Club Captain- Paula Baker

Committee Members- Kelly Richards and Ary Taiapo, Che Tamati, Jane Parker-Bishop, Karlena Schwass, Paris Philips-Hall

Advisor: Ivy Topping