Te Tauihu o Te-Waka-a-Māui


VOLLEYBALL TASMAN INCORPORATED (VTI) is required to annually pay an Affiliation Fee to the national body - Volleyball New Zealand (VNZ).  The annual Fee is for 01 January - 31 December and permits players and teams from our region participate in all relevant VNZ events and activities.

In 2021 the VNZ fee was determined by population and was $2300.00 (incl.GST) for the Top of the South.

In past years this VNZ fee has been recuperated only through the VTI Member Clubs. From 2021 the (Tasman Volleyball) TVA Executive resolved that the affiliation fee will be payable by both Clubs and the Colleges as the participants in these areas benefit most from the activities provided by VNZ and the region.

The Schedule below shows the distribution of the Fee for 2022 as approved by TVA prior to the amalgamation and is based on activities/participation levels from the Clubs and Colleges/Area Schools. These fees have since been reviewed by the VTI Executive and approved.