Leadership opportunities provided by Volleyfest programme

The Volleyfest Holiday programme provided opportunities for young leaders in the volleyball community

“The Leaders of the programme were young people also all capable volleyball players, their expertise was invaluable, however the other significant factors included their passion for volleyball and they cared about the participants” said programme coordinator Grant Harrison, “Tuākana/ Tēina philosophy underpins this engagement with young people in Volleyball  development.”

Tuakana-tēina is a teaching and learning approach drawn from Te Ao Māori – the Māori world. It refers to the relationship between an older person (tuākana) and a younger person (tēina).

It can reflect teaching and learning in four different ways:

  • Peer-to-peer – tēina teaches tēina, tuākana teaches tuākana.
  • Younger to older – the tēina has some skills in an area that the tuakana does not and is able to teach the   tuākana.
  • Older to younger – the tuākana has the knowledge and content to pass on to the tēina.
  • Able to less able – the learner may not be as able in an area, and someone more skilled can teach what is required.

These four learning ways were expressed during the Volleyfest programme with Leaders being able to provide some learning to the programme participants as well as receive some learning from them

Tarquala one of the leaders commented about what she got from the programme –“It was so cool seeing everyone giving it a go. Everyone seemed to get a little be better over the four days but it was tiring, I fell asleep early each night! I learnt a lot about myself too.”

Jovan commented on in comparison to other interactions where she has been involved with young people in similar programmes, the positive approach was refreshing.  “they clearly wanted to be there rather than having to be there – this showed in the excitement and energy that brought to each activity, I got a lot out of it too”

As well as being involved in these holiday programmes the young leaders have been regularly involved in coaching.

“Like most sports lack of coaching limits our growth in Volleyball”, Said Northland Volleyball ‘s Grant Harrison, “We are increasingly reliant on these young people to give back by coaching officiating and helping to coordinate Volleyball. We are lucky they are so keen. I am sure the additional responsibility is good for them too.”

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