Saloons are a 2 or 4 door passenger vehicles, again with 200 required to be road user manufactured and are restricted in tyre size. Engines must be OEM (Original Engine Manufacturer) equipment. Saloons are a low cost form of the Super Saloons making it affordable racing. They are around 400hp running upto 360cu in engines. Gearboxes must be of OEM street vehicle type with a minimum of 1 forward and one reverse gear. They are mostly V8 engines but again this depends on the type of vehicle chosen to race as to whether that vehicle had V8s as OEM. They mostly run a space frame chassis and are now a nationally recognised class. This is one of the larger classes at Waikaraka Speedway and there will normally be a good field with close racing. This is a non contact class. 

Competitor List

9a - Shane Hughes

11a - Lynne Bockman-Shepherd 

11a - Lance Bockman-Shepherd 

14a - Paul Thornley

15a - Richard Nawisielski

16a - Ted Ingram

18a - Blair Wollam 

21a - Steve Williams 

23a - Peter Pedersen

24a - Richard Clancy 

27a - Stephen Corry

45a -  Warren Beachen

46a - Nigel Ross

48a - Philip Towgood 

61a - Tom Ingram 

64a - Tim Moore

67a - Scott Rumball 

69a- Jody Hooker

73a - Kevin Head 

74a - Scott Lansdowne 

75a - Craig Duthie

87a - Paul Smith 

89a - Tom Roberts  

116a - Dave Ingram

146a - Paul Wright

641a - Angus Moore