Can your team meet the challenge ??

Rowing is said to be the greatest team sport in the world, it involves working together as a unit to meet a common goal.

Being fit and having good technique does not guarantee success in this sport…


Teams of Eight will train weekly (up to two erg sessions per week for first 3 weeks followed by 2 rowing sessions per week for 2nd 3 weeks) under the guidance of skilled and knowledgeable coaches. No previous experience is required !

Over the course of 12 lessons, corporate crews will learn boat handling skills and will develop rowing and racing technique. Teamwork, of course, will be strongly emphasized ! The race committee will supply boats and coaches. All racers need to do is participate in their lessons and show up on race day !

The Eight requires a team of Eight rowers plus the coxswain, who steers the boat. The Wairau Club will train the crew and also provide coxswains.

It is suggested that a team of 10 be formed to allow for flexibility in team members’ schedules. All team members can be from the same corporation or organization, or you can team up with another organization or friends to form your crew. It’s up to you!

How to select your team…

Physical size is not a barrier when selecting your team. Your crew must have at least 2 men or 2 women when competing (NOTE gender rule excludes coxwain). Successful crews are the result of close teamwork, enthusiasm and willingness to absorb a lot of rowing information in a short period of time!

Racing—Getting to know the enemy

Half way through the training period an indoor rowing competition and social evening for all crews is held. Racing on Ergometers against all the other teams has proven to be as exciting as the on the water racing.

At the end of the training period a regatta is held at the Wairau Rowing Club. Races are held over 500m with plenty of opportunity to practice racing prior to race day. The format of racing will mean that each crew gets several chances to become the ultimate champion !!

Teams compete for the Window Treatments Corpor8 Challenge Trophy.

Party Time!

An awards presentation for all participants will follow the Copor8 Rowing Challenge. Bring your spray paint along to paint the trophy in your team colours if you win !!

Competitors and valued supporters are invited to attend the prize giving and entertainment at the conclusion of the rowing. Live entertainment will be provided to add to the social event.

What’s next ?

The Wairau Rowing Club has many opportunities for ‘graduates’ of the Corpor8 Rowing Challenge. Athletes of any age looking for a higher level of competition can join the men’s and women’s competitive programs, which include a masters category and those wanting to row recreationally can do just that.

The Package

-Membership to the Wairau Rowing Club for the Coprorate Rowing season (usually 6 weeks Sept - Nov).
-Maximum of 12 lessons/training sessions (2 Erg sessions per week for 1st 3 weeks + 2 rowing sessions per week for 2nd 3weeks).
-The provision of skiffs and oars.
-Post regatta celebration and barbeque.
-Window Treatments Corpor8 Rowing Challenge T-Shirts.
-Indoor Rowing Challenge & Social Function.


Each crew must have at least two women and two men when competing. For the gender rule coxswains are not considered part of the crew. Spouses of crews members are encouraged to participate !

The Corpor8 Rowing Challenge should be viewed as a team building event and the use of experienced rowers or those who have competed at club, senior or premier level in the previous 3 years is prohibited.

Failure to comply will result in disqualification


Eight (10 Persons) $1 000 + gst

The entrance fee that each team pays goes to the Wairau Rowing Club and helps to provide Wairau rowers with funds to purchase equipment to be used in both community and competitive rowing programs.

Contacts For more information please contact

Rosanne Marsden
Ph : 021404576