Multi Colour Dash 2022 with Real Radio 104FM, Laser Plumbing and Laser Electrical

Oamaru Racecourse
Saturday 29 October 2022, 11am

Please check read over the frequently asked questions and answers – if you are still in the dark about something please feel free to contact Pip at Sport Waitaki or 03 434 9397

How does the Multi Colour Dash 2022 work?
The Multi Colour Dash 2022 is a Fun Run / Walk based at the Oamaru Racecourse on Saturday 29 October.  At each kilometre mark Colour Station Sponsors will be armed with coloured powder (a non toxic corn starch) that will be thrown on participants when they run past. Fun obstacles will be placed around the course. The track covers a 5km loop that will start and finish in front of the Grandstand.

What is the dress code?
WHITE is a great colour to wear! In order to make the colour stand out we advise everyone to find a white outfit. OR BLACK!

Where Did the Idea Come From for the Multi Colour Dash 2022?
The inspiration for the run comes from the Religious ‘Holi’ spring festival celebrated in India. Running events similar to the Multi Colour Dash 2022 are now being held all over the world!

How Much Does it Cost?
The price of the Multi Colour Dash 2022 is $10 per person (child or adult), or $30 per family of 4 (extra children as part of a family entry are $5 per child). The aim of the Multi Colour Dash 2022 is to be an affordable, family event for the people of Oamaru and further afield. The exceptional sponsors, in particular Real Radio 104FM, Laser Plumbing and Laser Electrical make this possible. Please note that if the event is not full late entries will be taken on the day. They will incur a late entry penalty.

What happens to any profit made from the event?
Any profit made from the event will be given to the Sporting Chance Fund for the North Otago area. This fund has been established to assist young people who may come from circumstances of financial hardship to participate in sport. For more information about Sporting Chance please see Click here 

How Do I Enter?
Entries and payments can be made online at Click here   or at the Waitaki Community Recreation Centre in Orwell St. For further information on registrations and payments, please contact Pip at Sport Waitaki on 434 9379 or Diane at the Rec Centre on 4346932.

Where/When do I Collect my Race Pack?
Multi Colour Dash 2022 Race Packs are to be collected from the  Waitaki Community Recreation Centre, Orwell Street from 4-7pm Friday 28 October. (They will NOT be able to be picked up on Saturday morning. If you are unable to pick your race pack up please contact us).

If you have not yet registered you can do so online now. You will need to pick up your race pack between 4-7pm Friday.

What if I can't make it on the date but want to give my entry to someone else? 
You are more than welcome to transfer your entry to another person but you must inform us and the new person MUST come and register with us and sign the form - they will need to do this between 4-7pm Friday at the Rec Centre.

What time do we have to be there on race day? 
You will need to be there in plenty of time to attend the race briefing at 10.30am. ALL participants MUST attend the race briefing. The race starts at 11am.

Where do we park when we arrive?
Drive through the main entrance to the Oamaru Racecourse, parking is available on the grass as you enter the Course. There will be parking attendants on hand in high visibility jackets to show you where you can park your vehicle.

How fit do I need to be to enter the fun run?
This event is all about giving it a go and having lots of fun along the way! You can either run or walk the 5km course. There is a short cut for anyone needing it!

Are cameras and phones safe to run with?
We would recommend that you do not run with cell phones or cameras however this is a personal choice and any damage caused is not the responsibly of event organisers and at your own risk.

Will our times be recorded?
Nope, the concept behind the fun run / walk is to hold a community event with a focus on creating a healthy lifestyle and enjoying the day with family and friends.

I am keen to be involved – can I volunteer to help at the event?
Absolutely! We are on the lookout for volunteers to assist in throwing the colour on our entrants, if you would like to be involved please email

Can I run with my dog?
No sorry, dogs are not permitted at the event.

Is there an age limit for younger runners?
No, the Multi Colour Dash 2022 is a family focused event and all ages are welcome to complete the course.  Please be mindful the course is 5km and you may want to get some training in prior to the event. Please also ensure your child is aware of what is going to occur at each colour station.

Can I run with a buggy?
Yes, but you do this at your own risk. Buggies will be placed in the 2nd wave of starters. 

Will the colour get in my eyes/mouth/ears?
Although the “colour” is non-toxic, as with any substance you want to keep it out of your eyes.  Colour station throwers will try their best to aim below the waist as you pass by however this cannot be guaranteed. To be on the safe side, you may wish to wear glasses or goggles for the eyes and bring along a bandana to cover your mouth. This is particularly important to anyone who suffers from breathing problems or asthma.

How do we clean up after the event?
PLEASE ensure you are prepared for the clean-up at the conclusion of the race by bringing with you some old towels and plastic bags for any dirty items.

Will the colour stain my clothes or shoes?
WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT THE COLOUR WILL NOT STAIN your clothing and shoes therefore we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you wear clothes that you do not mind getting dirty.
Additionally, if you have light coloured hair and do not want to risk ending up with hints of colour in your hair for a few days after the event, it is recommended to put either olive oil, coconut oil or leave in conditioner in your hair prior to the event. As with anything dirty, the sooner you wash it the better, when you get home make sure you wash your colour clothes in a separate wash on COLD. If you want a memento from the race and want to preserve the colour in your white t shirt the best option is to spray it with vinegar and iron it.

How does the ‘colour’ affect the inside of cars?
To make sure you do not make a mess of your vehicle, we advise you dust off any excess powder and use the old towels or plastic bags you brought with you on the seats.

What if the event has to be cancelled? 
In the event of cancellation due to weather or other circumstances beyond our control, this will be publicised on the Multi Colour Dash 2022 Facebook page and on Real Radio. There is NO postponement date.