Coaching Courses

​​​​​​​More Course details to be released 2022​​​​​​​

Highly recommended 'Zoom in on Coaching' is now available through Netball South online.

Details of course dates will be listed when available throughout the year, if you would like to be notified please let us know -

ANZ futureFERNS Coach Training 

Coaching is a fantastic way to contribute to the community as it’s all about growing ‘people’ as well as growing ‘players’.

Coach training will be held for all coaches interested in more skills and resources prior to the season.

For all those that will be taking a Junior team this season the Future Ferns Coaches Nights are confirmed for:

Year 3/4 - Monday 4th April

Year 5/6 – Tuesday 5th April

Year 7/8 – Wednesday 6th April

TIME: 6.30pm - 8pm

VENUE: Remarkable Primary School

Please ensure you have completed the Coach Registration form 


 Umpiring Courses

​​​​​​​More Course details to be released 2022


​​​​​​​More Course details to be released 2022