About ANZ futureFERNS

ANZ futureFERNS offers four different year groups for our junior Netball programme.

ANZ futureFERNS progresses players through modified formats of Netball that recognises their stage of physical and mental development. The aim is not only to grow their Netball abilities but also to help with their overall physical literacy which includes confidence, motivation, knowledge and understanding and physical competence.

The benefits for your child

ANZ futureFERNS is all about encouraging kiwi kids to AIM HIGH. Increase your skills and have fun with your friends with modified Netball activities and games. ANZ futureFERNS is the perfect introduction to our favourite game.

ANZ futureFERNS is Netball New Zealand’s official junior Netball programme for Year 1 - 8 children.  

To ignite a lifelong involvement in Netball, a sequential programme has been developed that is at the right level for the players at each stage. The emphasis is on fun activities conducted in a safe environment. Small-sided games are the preferred training method and are proven to be the most appropriate way to enhance skill and tactical development.

ANZ futureFERNS is focused on enabling individuals to experience personal achievements and the benefits for the players and parents are:


  • FUN
  • Development of sound fundamental Netball skills
  • Participation in a safe learning environment
  • Playing with their friends and meeting others
  • Active physical involvement
  • A lifelong love of Netball


  • Reassurance that their child is participating in  NNZ endorsed programme
  • Enhancement of the child’s social and fundamental skills
  • Ability to share skills and knowledge with the Netball community
  • Opportunity to learn more about Netball
  • Opportunity to spend time with and play with their children
  • Prospect to make new friends
  • Value for money

    Why have the rules, game and equipment been modified?

    Sport for young people ought to be modified to suit their age, size and ability as children are not mini-adults. Netball has been modified since the 1900’s and as we learn more from reviews, research and other sports, further adaptions have been made to ensure the game meets the needs of the players and grows as the players grow.

    ANZ futureFERNS aims to provide the players with a fun and safe environment, maximise opportunities to participate. The programme encourages the development of their skills and provides a progressive introduction to Netball, developing a lifelong love of the game.