NNZ Online Community Shop - ready for launch


 If you are an online shopper, then you are already trained as this store is no different from many online shops you have seen before. This store is dedicated to all Centres, Clubs, and Schools to purchase their NNZ program-related netball equipment for the upcoming season and beyond.

The Community Shop is a rewards programme which is a points-based system. The accumulation of points is simple $1 = 1 Fern Point. Once you have earned certain levels of Fern Points you can access a discount for your next purchase or continue to accumulate; you choose when you want to use your Fern Points.

You can earn Fern Points in three ways:

1. Creating an account

2. Purchasing on the site

3. Referring a Club or School to sign up (and purchase)

For you and your Club and Schools, the new store will be more efficient as you will have control and be more self-sufficient around when you order products.

  • ANZ futureFERNS netballs
  • ANZ futureFERNS bibs
  • ANZ futureFERNS coaching guides
  • Ball bags - unbranded
  • Whistles - unbranded
  • Cones – unbranded

Netball New-Zealand is pleased to be partnering with DMC Sport (DMC), experts in delivering online sport equipment programmes and delivering this in an easy online way. They work with sporting organisations such as NZ Cricket, NZ Rugby, Auskick in Australia and many more around the globe.

DMC will be helping from product development, sourcing products right through the process to delivering your orders and managing the customer service.