Return to Training Guidence - 20th May 2020

Training can occur as normal (full contact) once plans are in place to comply with public health measures, gatherings andphysical distancing restrictions, contact tracing, and football hygiene measures.

• Each business, organisation or individual who are running training sessions must comply with their respective localcouncil requirements, including having relevant Health and Safety Plans in place, where required.

• Trainings in any capacity, either indoor or outdoor, must be limited to gatherings of a maximum of 10 people, including players and officials. For training that takes place outdoors on a single field or in large spaces, there may be multiple gatherings, so long as this is managed in accordance with the public health measures and the people at one gathering donot mingle or interact with those from another gathering. For example, where team numbers exceed 10 people, a team can train in multiple gatherings of 10 or smaller, as long as the gatherings are physically distanced from each other and donot mingle. If the gatherings are rotating between activities, care should be taken to clean any equipment or high-touchsurface areas between uses by different groups.

• Training should be scheduled to allow appropriate time for teams to arrive and leave without overlapping.

The information in this document has been provided by NZ Football which is based on the advice provided by the Ministry of Health and Sport NZ. Read infull at and