Sanitisation Process of all Equipment Pre and Post Training and Games

      Sanitisation of the equipment we use is a vital part of our club keeping our members and their families safe. We understand that sanitation may be an arduous task for our club and our members to undertake and to make it slightly easier we will avoid using communal equipment.   

     Therefore, we will supply all teams with a set of balls, cones and bibs so that we avoid using communal equipment. 

      Each coach will be required to use disinfectant spray on the balls and cones after each training and game. Bibs will need to be washed after every use.

     Avoid the sharing of equipment between teams. 

     There can be no sharing on goal keeping gloves or jerseys.

We will supply all coaches with hand sanitizer and spray on disinfectant throughout the season. We will also supply towels to wipe down equipment.

Coaches will be required to oversee the disinfecting of the corner flags and goals before and after each use. Goals will need to be returned to the concrete pad outside the club after every training as they will need to be locked up each night.

If for any reason a team requires additional equipment that is held in the container, this must be fully disinfected and wiped down prior and after use. 

Kia Kaha

Warkworth AFC