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Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a fast growing sport with a wider range of disciplines from cross country to downhill.   With our central city hills and numerous bike parks and trails Wellington is home to a strong mountain biking community.   We are currently working on putting a programme together for Wellington College for 2023 with some experienced parents.

Please see below what is anticipated.  Depending on availability etc this may change.

At this stage we are looking for students to register their interest so we can ascertain numbers and build a picture of what students are looking for.   You will be contacted directly towards the end of January.

Whether you are training for upcoming races or like having casual rides with your mates the club will look to cater for a range of intermediate to expert level riders.

With the help of experienced parent riders we aim to offer a great chance for you to get out and ride, check out new trails, develop your skills, have fun on your bike with friends.  

We are also looking to provide the chance for boys to race for the school against others from around the region and country including at the secondary schools mountain biking championships.

Potentially we will ride every Tuesday from 4.30 - 6 pm, usually at Makara Peak or Maitairangi (Mt Vic).   We will send an email out every week confirming where and when the ride will be, and will also email you if we have to cancel a ride due to bad weather.

Boys should take pride in their riding and have fun in doing so.   The more you ride the better a rider you'll become.  

We are looking to connect boys in to the wider Wellington riding whanau:

  • We encourage boys to attend the WORD Wellington Off Road Department after school and holiday programmes  run in Summer and Spring:  Click here
  • For boys who are keen on racing and want to test themselves against friends and peers in their age groups the Wellington Mountain Biking club runs an enduro series in the summer  This has both social and competitive (short and long) courses and is a great format for dipping your toes into competition.
  • The PNP cycle club (Click here) runs cross country racing events which are both great events in their own right and also a good way to train and get fit.   PNP also runs the regional schools enduro/XC race.
  • For boys looking to stay fit over the winter months, the Cyclocross series run by Huttcross is a lot of muddy fun
  • Trails Wellington is also a hub for all things riding in Wellington
  • For boys on social media the Welly Tracks Mtb Facebook group is the city’s biggest network of information about trails and community activities.

WHEN?   ​​​​​​​Terms 1 and 4

COST? This will be based on individual events as they arise.

REGISTRATIONS CLOSE: Tuesday 7th February 2024. But feel free to email us if you have missed out.  We would encourage students (and their families) to sign up for membership of Trails Wellington but this isn't essential.


  • A Mountain bike - this needs to be in good working order and suitable for the trails you intend to ride.    You might want to consider getting it checked out at your local bike shop before the first session.
  • A modern helmet - this must be in good condition and be the right size.  No helmet, no ride.
  • A jacket - you need to have a weatherproof jacket with you on rides.  It might not be raining or cold, but crashes happen and you can get very cold, very quickly waiting for help.
  • Spare tube and tools - you should carry a spare tube that fits your bike and have a multi-tool for any trail side adjustments.  
  • Water and snacks - you are a teenager. 
  • Kneepads, gloves etc - these aren’t compulsory but crashes do happen so protection can help minimise harm.
  • A charged cell-phone.   If you have one, carry it.
  • Please note, if you are looking to compete in some of the secondary schools competitions there can be different requirements for some events (for example around full-face helmets and neck-braces). 


Register your interest online and also complete the Health Form at the top of this page.

If would like further information, contact Dave Keat

​​​​​​​SEASON: Terms 1 and 4

Events 2023


  • TBA:  CSW MTB Championships ​​​​​​​
  • 28th January to 29th April - Wellington Enduro Series (6 rounds)
  • 17-19 March :  North Island Secondary School MTB Champs, Rotorua (XC, Enduro and Downhill)
  • PNP XC races - October through November (XC)
  • 7 - 8 October:  NZ Secondary Schools MTB Champs, Christchurch (XC, Enduro and Downhill)