2018 Sports Achievements

Apart from the weekly assemblies, there are occasions where the College recognises and applauds the sporting achievements of its students through the presentation of Blues, Honours badges or Merit certificates. This applies equally to all sporting codes. The Sports Department generally hears of such successes but there are some students who reach representative status outside the College’s domain, and we don’t know about it.

We need you to tell us about achievements.

If you know of a Wellington College student (including yourself) who has been chosen for a regional or national team, who as an individual, has broken a record or achieved similar sporting success please let the Sports Department know.

The top achievers are invited to the Black and Gold Awards dinner which is held at the beginning of term 4 every year.

2018 WC Sports Star

Eligh Ashby

Isaac Becroft

Thomas Dai

Jin Dassayanake

Zac Dean

Haven Dixon

Joshua Elkin

Matt Garbett

Henry Hamilton

Nicky Heitger

Thomas Hoskin

Sean Howe

Zac Jones

Atakura Julian

Luther Maxwell

Cam Robinson

Tim Robinson

Andre van Dam

Thomas Watkins

Max Wickens

Noah Woolf

NZSS Championship Winning Teams

WC 1st XI Cricket 

WC Senior Floorball

WC Senior Futsal

WC Swimming

WC Yr 9 Cross Country

WC U16 Cross Country

Excellence in the Sport of ...

NZSS U14Swimmiung Champion

NZ U18 Tennis Doubles Champ and NZ Team

NZ14 & Under Tennis Team

NZU18 Tennis Team

NZSS U19 Football Team

NZ U17 Basketball Team

NZ U19 Floorball Team

NZ U17 Footballteam

NZ U17 Football Team

NZ U18 Underwater Hockey Team

NZ U17 & U20 Foil Champion and NZ Team

NZ U18 Athlertics Team

NZ U19 Football Team

NZ Swimming Age Group Champion

NZ Surf Life Saving U16 Team

NZ U18 Athlertics Champion and NZSS Senior Champion

NZSS Junior Javelin Champion

NZ International 420 Class Sailing Team

NZ and NZSS Swim Champion NZ U19 Swim Team

NZ U19 Mountain Biking Team

NZ U18 Underwater Hockey Team