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Sports Trip Planning

The Board of Trustees requires all adults in charge of sports trips to complete the necessary EOTC forms for every trip where students are involved in off-site activities.  All trips need prior approval and will be noted on the school calendar. 

The completed forms are to be submitted to the Sports Department two weeks prior to departure. 

Overseas trips require much longer time frames as approval will only be granted once the SLT and Board have accepted the planning documentation. Please contact the Sports Department for the approval process guidelines.

​​​​​​​Checklist for Sports Team Trips

  1. EOTC forms must be completed 2 weeks prior to event:
    1. Parental Consent completed- please speak with the Sports Department to set up online Sporty form. Once completed this will produce the Health Profile, which will need to be taken to the event.  
    2. Risk Assessment and Supervision (RAS) Form completed and returned to sports department. 
    3. Event Information Form completed and returned to sports department.  
  2. Police vetting of all volunteers and coaches travelling with the group completed prior to departure date. 
  3. Confirm travelling Teacher in Charge. Please speak with the Sports Department. 
  4. Prepare budget:
    1. Have you entered and paid the registration fees?
    2. Accommodation
    3. Transportation (include fuel estimate)
    4. Any additional activities planned eg swimming pool (Parental Consent must include permission to swim)
    5. Food costs
  5. Prepare newsletter for parents and caregivers, a copy must be retained at school. ​​​​​​​