Congratulations Oscar Quin on winning CSW  Spotys 2019 Judo athlete of the Year! 


Colin Berry (convenor)

Ph 027 249 5342

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Judo is an Olympic and Commonwealth Games sport which originated in Japan that develops self-defence skills in addition to sporting skills. It is a combat sport where opponents compete against each other by attempting to throw from a standing position to the ground or when on the ground by pinning their opponents and, at advanced levels, applying armlocks and strangles.People from all age groups, male and female participate in judo, from 4 years old and younger in some cases, right through to 70 years old and higher. Some "judoka" or practitioners of judo participate at competitive and even internationally competitive levels, while some only for recreational purposes at club level without entering competitions.

Competitions are run by categories based on age, gender and weight.The sport is practised on "tatami", Japanese style mats and judoka practice wearing "judogi" or judo uniform. The uniform is specially constructed to withstand the pulling and tugging that occurs while fighting.What does it compare to? Well, the closest comparison we can suggest if you have never seen judo is to imagine amateur wrestling but with clothes. There is no punching or kicking and having clothing to hold on to adds a whole new dimension to the sport, making the techniques that are used different from wrestling.

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Judo Kata:

Judo Shiai:

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Please note new time for 2024: Friday Lunchtimes at the OBG.  Bring your PE gear to change into. Training for Term 1 & 2.

Budokan Judo Club Inc – 65 Salamanca Rd (Cluib K) for further training

Tuesdays (technique) 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Wednesdays (Randoori - free practice) 5:30pm – 7:30pm 

Fridays (kata) 7:00pm – 8:00pm 

Training: is year round.

EQUIPMENT:  At first you can borrow a Judogi (jacket and pants) from the club or just wear suitable clothes for exercise. Later Judogi are available through various martial arts shops or even second hand on trademe usually < $100. 

COST: Free at WC

LOCAL COMPETITION:  There are a number of local competitions each year including an annual secondary schools championships in July.