Club Merchandise

T-Shirts                  $25
Club Sling Bags    $27
Badges                  $10

Please contact Barbara on 027-4400904

Dress Patterns

If anyone has old dress patterns that they wish to donate to the club, please contact Wendy on 027 635 2783.

Rules for competition rock'n'roll shoes:

Shoes with heels should have heels no higher than 20mm measured at the instep and for female's shoes, the heel to be no higher than 25mm measured at the back of the shoe. The heel prints must have a minimum measurement of 40mm x 40mm.

Shoe Terminology:

Where to buy rock'n'roll shoes:    (You may need a half size up)

Where to buy Clothing / Shoes:

Agents for Bleyer rnr Shoes 

Seller a range of rock and roll clothing


[email protected]    (stockists of Aris Allen shoes) 
(1950's inspired ladies' fashions hand-made in NZ)