Umpiring netball is very rewarding and is fast growing as an individual sport in its own right.  It requires fitness, good analytical skills and of course a passion for the sport of Netball.

Netball is umpired by two umpires, each controls one half of the court and is always ready to support the other.  Three teams take part in a game of netball - two teams of players and the third team is the umpires.

There are a number of ways to get involved in umpiring, the first one being umpiring for your team, club or school - umpiring for your team is a good way to help you not only as an umpire but as a player, learning the rules and gaining an umpires perspective on play.

To help with your skills and confidence WNC offer courses for beginners through to more advanced classes.  It is very exciting and rewarding to work through exams both theory and practical.

If you decide to be a named umpire for WNC there are opportunities to be selected to travel away with representative teams, to umpire at other centres and attend tournament where you get to mix with other umpires and learn new skills.

Whangarei Netball has an Umpire Development Group, who are responsible for managing all aspects of the coaching and coordination of the named umpires.​​​​​​​

There are established pathways for umpires from Centre level all the way through to the elite international umpires.

But starting out in umpiring begins with completing the Netball NZ online module and attending the Starting out in Umpiring Workshops.  The online module is for New and Player Umpires, covering the basic rules of netball as well as some practical techniques to enhance your umpiring.  This is available through Netball NZ's learning and devlopment portal - click the 'Get Involved' button below.

In the Introductory workshops you will also leanr the basic rules of netball and have the chance to ask questions.  These workshops can then lead to the full Umpire Workshop where you study the rules further and discuss their practical application.  You also learn about the correct body stance and getting the best vision for umpiring the game.  Classes can be a compact day sessions or a series of four or five 1.5 hour sessions usually weekly in the evenings.

Click on the button below for a detailed explanation of the Whangarei Netball Centre Umpire Development process.

Information from Netball NZ;

And finally more information about the pathways for Umpires!

Umpires Code of Co​​​​​​​nduct

Have respect for players, coaches and officials

Umpire the rules without fear or favour

Uphold the standards of the New Zealand Umpire Awards

Display high standards of behaviour and personal appearance which promote a positive image of netball and umpiring at all times

Support and encourage other umpires

Be courteous, respectful and open to discussion and interaction

Starting Out in Umpiring Workshop

This workshop looks at the basic rules of Netball and is designed to help new umpires, including parents, players and coaches with the basics of Umpiring Netball.

It will give you a sound background of the rules, help you build confidence for when you umpire as well as helping you when you play.

  • Requirement for anyone that wants to become a WNC named umpire
  • Cost; $5.00
  • Facilitator; Amie Pooley / McKenzie Morris

Current available dates;

  • Thursday 9 June, 6-8pm​​​​​​​

Please register your attendance HERE

More dates to come!!