Coaches are an integral part of our Netball community having a big impact on the development of our Netball players. As a coach, you have the opportunity to positively impact the experience, the lifelong involvement, and the love of Netball your players and team may have.  And the rewards outweigh the onstacles - watching as players grow and develop and start to wok together as a team.

There are opportunities to coach at all levels, from Juniors in Year 1 & 2, through to Premier and Representative teams.  We encourage coaches to 'reflect and connect' to assist continued development within their coaching journey and we will ensure we provide the opportunities for our coaches to do so.  This will include Netball NZ Coaching Modules, practical coach development opportunities and opportunities to connect with fellow coaches.

The ideal Coach will:· Nurture a love of Netball· Coach in a Player-Centred approach· Growth Mindset· Focus on skill development, decision making and a nonlinear approach to skill development· Reinforce ethical approaches to sport and recreation· Understand they’re in the business of creating not only better players, but better people· Have a sense of working in a wider coaching community with similar goals

Whangarei Netball has an Development Officer, who is responsible for managing all aspects of the Coach Development Process.

WNC offer a number of workshops to educate and assist coaches in bettering their skills in this area, while also building a strong coaching community where you can share experiences.  The purpose of these workshops is to empower the ongoing development of coaches through targeted programmes aligned to the Netablall New Zealand player, coach and official pathways.

There are five (5) levels starting with Foundations Knoweldge, focused on FutureFERNS, through to High Performance Coach Development.

WNC are presently focusing on the following levels as described below:

  • FOUNDATION COACH;  Coach development focuses on fundamental movement and basic Netball skills.  The activities and games encourage maximum participation and enjoyment.​​​​​​​
  • COMMUNITY COACH 1;  The Community Coach Award (CCA) is for the development coach working with athletes from 12 - 18 years.  It includes a set of modules which provide basic knowledge and skills to develop players at the community level.  These modules are delivered and facilitated in a practical environment and are designed to help coaches understand the importance of using a Player-Centred approach.

Click on the button below for the Netball NZ Coaching Framework.​​​​​

Information from Netball NZ;

And finally more information about the pathways for Coaches!

FutureFERNS Introductory Sessions

These are online introductory sessions for everyone who will be involved in FutureFERNS Yr 1 – 8…..Coaches, Administrators, School Representatives.

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· Overview of the Game for that Year           

· What happens on game day

· Where to find the practical resources

· What Coaches should bring with them

· Interactive skills & drills

Pen & WNC Junior Information Booklet 2021, found on the website HERE

· Natalie Moon, WNC Development Officer

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Coaches Code of Conduct

Have respect for the Players

Make a personal committment to keep myself infromed and up to date with sound coaching

Keep up to date with rule changes

Have respect for the opposing team's players, coach, officials and supporters.

Develop my skills to the best of my ability

Respect and appreciate the umpires

Lead by example