The compilation of the draw is done by WNC including umpire allocation in conjunction with the Umpire Group.  Draws will be made available Tuesdays during the Preliminary & Championship Rounds and Wednesdays during Grading, Finals and prior to Preliminary Promotion Relegation weekend.  They will be posted on the website under the appropriate draw page and emailed to nominated Clubs & School representatives and Umpires.  Club & School Contacts are responsible for ensuring that all their teams receieve the draw but every effort will be made to send the draw through the Coach & Manager Distribution List - see below to sign up.

Time requests - these can only be made during the Preliminary & Championship rounds, application needs to be made by the Club/School Administrator to WNC, in writing 14 days prior to the scheduled playing day.  Every effort will be made to meet time requests but cannot be guaranteed and only 1 request will be accepted per team, per round.

Team Clashes - Coaches, Managers and players who are involved with more than one team may apply in writing to have the teams play at different times.  Application needs to be made by the Club/School Administrator to WNC in writing, before the beginning of the season.  Every effort will be made to meet these requests but cannot be guaranteed.

Game Days
Juniors Year 1 & 2 - Monday evening 5.20pm
Juniors Year 3 - 6 - Saturday morning between 8.15am & 11.15am
Intermediate Sections 4 to 7 - Thursday 6pm & 7pm

Intermediate Sections 1 to 3 - Saturdays between 11.30am & 2.30pm
Senior & College - Saturdays between 11.30am & 4.30pm

Premier - Fridays between 6pm & 10pm

Sign up to the "Coach & Manager Distribution Lists" to receive draws and further information relating to each week of the competition.  CLICK HERE