Our Patroness - Jean Moody

The Woodend Bowling Club was opened in 1937 and they had a 60th Jubilee in 1997.

The Woodend Bowling Club was in recess during 1957-1959 .

The first President was H Robertshaw. 

The first Lady President was Mrs W Petrie in 1971-72

Mrs J Moody, our Patroness, was President from 1980 - 1982.

1984 Ngareta Orchard won the 1st year player singles. Since 1992 she has won the Championship Singles 8 times. As well she has featured in the Pairs, Triples and Fours and won these events.

1989 C Wells won the Junior Singles. 

Jean Moody, is a keen follower of the bowls. She comes to the club most Tuesdays to watch the games. She attends most social functions.

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