Photos of events taken at the Woodend Bowling Club over the years. You could be in the photos and know lots of other members who are there, whether it be winning trophies or doing the hard graft at the club.Congratulations to Ngareta Orchard, Val Timson, Elsie Robinson and Noelene Johnstone for winning the Championship Fours 2012 **********************************************

Congratulations to the Woodend School Bowls winners and Runners up for the 2013 - 2014  season.  Winners for year 8's were Holly Cocker and Sorelle Rock.  Runners Up for Year 8's were Jeremy Robers and Lachlan Blocland.  Year 7 winners were Jackson Lewis and Luanne Salter. Runners up for Year 7 were Daniel Columbus and Keegan Muschamp.


2013 Congratulations to Ngareta Orchard and Val Timson for being runners up in the Champion of Champion Pairs at Bowls Canterbury Green on Sunday1st April 2012.It was a very a very close game against Canterbury Club.

​​​​​​​ *******************************************************

2013 During the last season some of our bowlers who were having problems with bowling. invested in bowling arms. Henry Eder, Ralph Wells and Colin Reid. They had thought of giving up bowls but with the bowling arms they can carry on bowling. Henry Eder has done very well in the Championships using his bowling arm. Well done to you three!!!!!  ********************************************************

2013 Champion of Champions Events.Well done to the Women's Fours team who took part in the Champion of Champion event and were runners up.Val Timson (S) Doreen Williams, Jan Herbert and Lyndall Carpenter.Unfortunately, Ngareta Orchard  was sick and Noeline Johnstone hurt her shoulder and was not allowed to play. We thank Lyndall and Jan for playing in their places.


2013 Well done to the Women's triples team who got to the semi final in the Champ of Champ Triples. Lyndall Carpenter (S) Lois Marriott and Judith Amer.


2014 Championship Pairs - Well done to Lois Marriott and Lyndall Carpenter for getting third equal.