The final Friday Night dinner was held on the first day of the month with an inviting Italian menu. Once again Helen excelled with her cuisine prowress and it was the largest attendance of the winter months. 

The upgraded smart meter was finally installed on Friday 7th just in time for Opening day on Saturday 9th. What a wonderful day it was - to see photos and a short report click here.


Sunday 6 August saw the first day of the Junior Classic Coaching Clinic held at Kaiapoi Riverside and St Martins Bowling Clubs. Hopefully the weather was an omen for what the bowling season will bring us as it was wondefully warm and balmy. The Clinic was attended by 64 Junior (now development) players from throughout Canterbury Clubs.

After a successful 3 months of play, with only 2 cancellations, Winter Bowls at both Rangiora and Kaiapoi Riverside will be coming to an end this month with the last day being Open Triples at Rangiora 25 August. There have been a lot of Woodend members rolling their arms, some with success and all with great enjoyment.

Friday night dinners are still continuing at the club through to 8 September, the evening before Opening Day.