World Powerlifting New Zealand (WPNZ) is everything powerlifting. We are 100% athlete-centric and a strong supporter of drugfree sport as we believe that athletes need to compete in a fair environment.

What are the types of competitions we support:

  • Powerlifting
  • Bench only
  • Push-n-pull
  • Paralympic bench press
  • Special Olympic powerlifting

  • 100% raw - wrist wraps, belt
  • Classic - wrist wraps, knee sleeves, belt
  • Equipped - wrist wraps, knee wraps, knee sleeves, belt, squat suit, bench shirt, deadlift suit

How our membership works:

  • One form, one fee
  • Individuals register their membership directly to WPNZ 
  • Clubs, gyms, associations, schools can apply to our Executive Committee to become affiliated

How do we run competitions:

  • Affiliated clubs, gyms, associations, schools run events sanctioned by the Executive Committee 
  • Affiliates apply to the Executive Committee to sanction events
  • Any affiliate can apply to host the National Championships
  • WPNZ supply to the referees

How does an athlete qualify for Nationals:

  • An athlete can use a total from any sanctioned event that meets the qualifying total for the age and weight class and was attained within 12 months of the Nationals

What are the National Championship events:

  • Classic
  • Equipped

Note -
Athletes may compete 100% Raw at Nationals Champs.  At this stage those who compete 100% Raw that there is no separate category. Where any international or World Champs has 100% raw competition an athlete may submit an application to represent NZ for consideration. 

What about records:

  • WPNZ have National records
  • Classic - Powerlifting and Bench Press 
  • Equipped - Powerlifting and Bench Press

Note -
Athletes who compete 100% Raw or Classic may take Equipped records
Athletes competing Equipped can only take Equipped records

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