Selection criteria can be found at http://www.nzpca.org/newsarticle/81639?newsfeedId=262641

Application Forms can be found under Policies and Procedures dropdown menu

NZPCA DRESSAGE CHAMPS Feb 6 & 7 Feb 2021 at Solway Park in Masterton.

Applications Close: 10th December see the application form on the Policies and Procedures page. Applications must be accompanied by a non-refundable fee of $50.

You will need to have 2 relevant NQS results from the last 12 months, on the horse you will be competing on. 

If selected, attendance at designated training days and team meetings are compulsory.

If not selected you may compete as an individual at your own cost. You are welcome and encouraged to attend coaching with the team coach - this is also at your cost.



-Rider's own black jacket 

-Rider's own white show shirt

- WRAPC cravat 

- White jodhpurs

Showjumping and Cross Country

-Helmet cover

-DriFit WRAPC long sleeved shirt

-White jodhpurs

Riders travelling with a representative team will be issued with a Waitemata Rodney red sports bag containing:

Cap, Waterproof Tracksuit Top and Pants, Long sleeved Hoodie, DriFit XC and Showjumping top, WRAPC Helmet Cover, Beanie, and Saddle blankets ( red and white)

OPTIONAL EXTRAS Champs teams can purchase:

Red/white embroidered, personalised WRAPC Cover 

Red/white WRAPC t-shirt with rider name 

Any queries please email Events Secretary: events.waitematarodney@gmail.com

Mounted Games Current Skills Sheet for Zone Games.