2021 Prizegiving

Thank you firstly to our major and long-time sponsors Whitby New World and Shoe Clinic Porirua. Without the generous support of these sponsors, the club as a whole would not be in the strong position it is today. 

Next we would like to thank the Committee members, Coaches, Managers and Umpires for their invaluable Contribution for making it happen.  We are a 100% volunteer organisation and without their support our players would not be able to take court.

Last but not least, I would like to thank the Players and families for choosing to be part of Waves Netball Club this season. We have 125 registered players across 12 teams and have had a hugely successful year because of you and we hope to see you all back again next season. Now for the awards, where medals are given, they will be made available to you as soon as Covid allows - all medals are currently self-isolating in Auckland :)

Waves Jade

Isabelle Lister, Georgia Lawrence, Aorangi Harding, Brooke Solomon, Zameen Isaako, Zoe Baddington, Maddy Hunt, Holly Samu, Matilda Po, Ashley Jones, Mia McFadyen. Well done girls. And congratulations to their amazing coaches Cheryl and Caitlyn. We will get your medals to you as soon as Covid allows!

Every season coaches are asked to hand out just 3 awards in their teams- a difficult task indeed! Please see this years recipients below.Your medals will also be available as soon as Covid allows.

Waves Ngaru Ariki
Most Valuable Defence: Jo Powell
Most Valuable Attack: Sarah Pullen

Most Valuable Player: Madison McPhee

Waves Taihana
Most Valuable Defence: Jo McManaway
Most Valuable Attack:  Cerys Poore
Most Valuable Player​​: Mandy Poore

Waves Red
Most Valuable Defence: Izzy Lennon
Most Valuable Attack: Eva de Ridder
Most Valuable Player​​: Abbie Watson

Waves Blue
Most Valuable Defence: Lexi Henderson
Most Valuable Attack: Hannah Ching
Most Valuable Player: Sydney Snowling

Waves White
Most Valuable defence: Megan O’Hara-Smith
Most Valuable attack: Leilani Catherall
Most Valuable Player: Ellie Morgan

Waves Black
Most Valuable Defence: Ciara Mccarrison
Most Valuable Attack: Marissa Kelly
Most Valuable Player: Abigail Lee

Waves Teal
Most Valuable Defence: Riley-Jade Wicks
Most Valuable Attack: Adina Mckechnie
Most Valuable Player: Emma Jenkins  

Waves Jade
Most Valuable: Matilda Po
Most improved: Aorangi Harding
Best attitude: Holly Samu

Waves Emerald
Most Valuable Player: Adriana Castro
Most Improved Player: Brianna Huynen
Best Attitude: Lexi Knox

Waves Tsunami
Most Valuable Player: Sarah Murray
Most Improved Player:  Liam Campbell
Best Attitude: Hannah Tohill

Waves Splash
Most Valuable Player: Elise Siwalette
Most Improved Player: Lashini Jeyathas
Best Attitude: Alexandra Baker     

Waves Ripples
Most Valuable Player: Mackie Turei
Most Improved: Ella Matini
Best attitude: Siena Brennan  

This season our club again had players selected to represent the Kapi Mana netball centre in representative competition. Well done to you all. The club would like to congratulate you and acknowledge your achievement:

Under 18's
Holly Lennon
Aimee Lovell
Bridie McGill
Erinna Mitchell
Nicole Picknell
Abbie Watson
Alicia Kelly

Under 16's
Amelia Crous

Players that are involved with Waves for 5 years receive a long service medal in recognition of their commitment and contribution to the Club. This year we are pleased to congratulate the following members on achieving this milestone:

Nicole Picknell
Cassie Kovacs
Leilani Catherall
Amelia Crous
Haylee Foster
Taylor Johnson

You too will all recieve your medals as soon as Covid allows.

Shoe Clinic Porirua have once again kindly donated a $250 prize pack that we normally award to a lucky, and randomly picked, club player at prizegiving. This year, you can enter to win the prize pack by sending us an email (whitbywavesnc@gmail.com) or private message on facebook messenger with the name of the person entering - entries are open to all registered waves players. Entries close at 5pm 2nd September and the winner will be randomly drawn shortly after and posted on our main facebook page.

Finally a big thank you to all of our players and families for choosing to be part of Waves Netball Club this season. We have had a successful year because of you and we hope to see you all back next season.