Fair Play / Code of Conduct Players
WNC abides by the rules of Fair Play.
For players these are:

  • Play by the rules
  • Never argue with an official
  • Work hard to do your best at all times
  • Turn up to practice
  • Be a good sport and recognise good players and good plays by all involved
  • Remember to thank your coach, the officials, the opposition and supporters
  • Help others in my team when you can
  • Never put people down or bully them.

Code of Conduct Parents
To assist players to abide by the Club’s Fair Play, we have a Fair Play Code of Conduct for Parents / Caregivers and Supporters.
Parents / caregivers and Supporters will:

  • Encourage their child, and other people’s children, in their efforts in sport
  • Insist that their child plays within the rules and by the principles of Fair Play
  • Respect their child’s efforts the same regardless of whether she/he has won or lost
  • Display self-control on the sideline.  Be positive, never shout at or ridicule players
  • Watch their child play and let her/him enjoy the game
  • Show their appreciation to people who volunteer their time so my child can play and practice
  • Remember that their child plays sport for her reasons not mine
  • Never place undue pressure on their child to play or perform.

If you have any Code of Conduct concerns please contact the Club President.