Saturday Morning Tee Ball & Junior Softball Competition

Game Day APP

The U11, U13, U16 and SS Grades will be using the Game Day App, please check this out on our website under Sporty.  This does not replace the scoresheet, we still want our scorers to continue their upskilling and we still require these sheets for ground registrations.  You will find the guidelines of how to use Game Day App u

Bylaws for Manawatū Softball Association

We now have our Bylaws located in the Admin Corner for your perusal, which elaborates on our rules and regulations for Junior and Senior Ball

Contacts for Manawatū Junior Softball

 Email:  [email protected]

All Deferrals or Defaults please email [email protected]


Colquhoun Park, Fairs Road, Palmerston North

Played on

Thursday Evening -  Secondary School Competition 

Saturday Morning - Palmerston North Competition 


Coming soon!


U5's/U7s Tee Ball - 9am - 9:40am 

U9's Tee Ball - 10.15am - 10.45am

U11's Softball - 9am - 10.00am

U13's Softball - 9am - 10.15 am

U16's Softball - 10.30 - 12.00 pm

Please note that these times are a guideline only


​​​​​​​You are now invoiced for term 4 and term 1 separately.  Below is the costs of each term.



Rules Governed By

Type of Ball Used

Time Slot


 Pitching Distances

U5 TBall


Modified Rules TBall

Tennis Ball9-9.40am40 mins

U7 TBall

$100.00 per term

Modified Rules TBall

11” Softcover Ball


40 mins

U9 TBall

$120.00 per term

TBall Rules

11” Softcover Ball


40 mins

U11 Softball

$190.00 per term

U11 Modified Rules

11” Flexi Ball


1 hr

G 10 m

B 11 m

U13 Softball

$220.00 per term

U13 Softball Rules

12” Softball


1.15 hr

G 11 m

B 12 m

U16 Softball

$260.00 per term

NZ Softball Rules

12” Softball


1.30 hr

G 11.5 m

B 13.1 m

Secondary School 

$260.00 per term

NZ Softball Rules

12” Softball


1.30 hr

G 12.1 m

B 14 m

​​​​​​​Softball  Equipment

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Kingswood Softball

Contact Perry Jackson on 027 373 3430 or [email protected] Click here to view product

Dug Out

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Fees Payment

Please pay online to MSA Softball 06-0729-0129677-00, Invoices will be sent out to all school/clubs once registrations have been confirmed 

Analysis – School Name    Reference – Team Name EG U9 or Invoice Number

Registrations/changes for U5; U7 and U9

We ask that you register your players, so we can collect the demographics of your team, this assist the MSA for funding purposes in the future.

​​​​​​​Registrations/changes for U11, U13, U16's and Secondary School grades

All players for all grades above will need to register for their respective school/club team with their date of birth and phone number.  

Players can only play in one team per grade.  Please note school teams have first priority over Club teams.

New registrations can be made on the day and should be added to the bottom of the score sheet with full name, date of birth and contact phone number

Age criteria

Age criteria for U5-U16 grades.  All players for each age grade must be under that particular age as of 31 December of that respective year.

Eg – Derek turns 7 before the 31 December 2023 which means he is not eligible to play in the Under 7’s grade.

Eg – Derek turns 7 on 31 December 2023 which means he is eligible to play in the Under 7’s grade

Dispensation for Age Grades

Clubs can apply for dispensation of a player to play in a grade that they do not meet the age criteria eg U13 Grade players must be U13 as at 31 December of that year.

Each application for dispensation needs to be done electronically via the form on our website, prior to the season starting.

The Junior Convenor and the MSA Board will take each application on its own merits, consideration will be made for the following:

  • Skill and Experience Level to play in that grade
  • Whether they have previously been a representative player for Manawatū Softball Assoc
  • Any medical diagnosis or conditions ( verification may be asked for)

Please Note: 

U13 Grade - Schools that cater for year 1-8 have automatic dispensation for their players due to their demographic of their school: ie Ashhurst,Kairanga,  Huntly, Whakaronga and TKKMOM

You will need to inform us on the application form which can be located electronically under Juniors


Players who are transfering from Club to Club must complete a online Transfer.  If the player is coming from or to a school this is not required.

We are now doing Transfers Online, please visit the website to ascertain the process.  Please note this is for Clubs ONLY.

Must be completed by Friday 12pm before they play.  Failure to do so will mean that player is not able to take the field until paperwork is completed.

Things such as outstanding fees/uniform normally have to sorted with the previous Club before transfer form is completed.

​​​​​​​Junior Umpires

All U11, U13, U16 and Secondary School games will be supplied with a plate umpire, this is part of our Junior Umpire Programme initated by the Junior Committee and supported by the Manawatū Officials - Umpires.  We ask that team management ensure that sportsmanship is upheld to the highest degree on the diamond and also sideline behaviour.  

Please note MSA adheres to the Zero Tolerance Policy located on our website.

Umpire Classes commence on Sunday 3rd September at 10am at the Park

Manawatū Scoring Lessons

Please make contact with Alison Kensington - [email protected].  Scoring classes commence Sunday 3rd September at 10am at the Park


These can be printed off and are located up the top or you can get hard copies at the MSA Office under the grandstand they are located on the Manawatū green desks.  

Scoresheets are to be completed for U11, U13, U16 grades, once the game is completed, please put them into the Green Box by the MSA Office under the grandstand. No scoresheet, the points will not be recorded


School/Team colours to be worn only, shirts for softball grades should be numbered.

Training Grounds

There is to be no training on the skin diamonds, unfortunately we do not have then manpower to be able to prep grounds everynight after use, which is required to keep the standard of grounds we have.


Defaults are to be notified at least three days prior to that game if you are unable to field a team, this will prevent opposition teams turning up with no team to play.  Please be considerate of other teams


Cancellations will be made at 7.00am for game starting at 9am and 8:30am for games starting after 10am. Cancellations will be notified on the MSA website and our Face books pages ie the MSA and MSA Junior Page


  • IMPORTANT: Ensure your school AND your coach/manager email addresses and cellphones are on this form. This is imperative for clear and concise communication and any late minute defaults
  • All schools please let us know the dates that you are unavailable to play on the registration forms
  • Male/Female/Age/Ethnicity is for SNZ and MSA statistics​​​​​​​