The Akina Rovers Hockey Club was founded in 1945 and a men’s team played in the local competition for the first time in 1946 season.

The 1946 and 1947 founding members were:
W. Bate (President)
R. Jensen (Chairman)
Frank Legg (Secretary)
G. Evans (Club Captain)
A. Bradshaw (Coach)
Alan Hay
Ken Le Compte (Captain)
Richard Spence
Rex Mawson
G. Walker
J. Le Compte
J. Henderson
R. Custance
B. Murddock
N. Harris
B. Perry
D. Spence
J. Hardy
I. Murrdock
R. Smith

Records show that this was a successful club right from the start. In 1946 they won the Hunt Cup and were runners-up in the Inter-town Competition. In 1947 they won the Senior Men’s Competition, Opening Tournament and the Simmonds Memorial Tournament. The men’s team during the 1970’s and 80’s had the honors of being the HB Club Champions for 12 consecutive years. Many of these players also gained regional and national honours.

A fore-runner women’s team, Karori, was formed in 1952. Founding members were:
Henae Hassell
Pauline Bousefield
Pamela Hart (nee Russell)
Marie Wilson
Pam Rowlands
Rena Horsefield
Dorothy Picknernell
Jocelyn Childs (nee Legg)
Catherine Cameron
Verna Toddy
Shirley Rees (nee Grover)
June Gardiner
Isla McDonald
Elizabeth Montgomerie
Monie Evans (nee Simonsen)

Those who gained Hawke’s Bay Honours First Ladies 1952 – 1958 were:
Henae Hassell, Pauline Bousefield, Pam Russell, Marie Wilson, Pam Rowlands

Second time round, an Akina women’s team first played in 1974. The Dick girls wanted to play and Tangi Haami Jones brought her whanau along. Two of these originals, Julie Harris and Tangi Jones, played for the club for over 20 years and were also dedicated committee members. Many of these players also gained regional and national honours.

Club Vice Presidents from 1945 – 1988 were:
Neil Chadwick
Molly Campbell
Allan Horsefield
Ken Horsefield
Bill Rainbow
Ted Petherick
M. McDonald
Lyndsay Bradshaw
John and Thea Dick

Akina is the home club team to many New Zealand rep players including Caryn Paewai (148 caps for the women's Blacksticks) and Dylan Thomas (2018 - current Blackstick).

In the 2010 season the Akina senior women’s team took the women’s competition out unbeaten, coming out on top with a total of 5 trophies.

In the 2021 season the Akina senior men's team too the men's competition out with a nail biting 3-2 win.

Life Membership List
Lee Totty - Original Member
Rena Horsefield - Original Member
Ken Le Compte - Original Member
Rex Mawson - Original Member
Colin Spence - Original Member
Sid Boyle - Original Member
Mike Hayde - 1975 – 1990
Tangi Haami Jones - 1973 – 1996
Denis Owen - 1964 – 1966, 1973 – 1993
Julie Harris - 1974 – 1996
Russell Lyndon - 1965 – 1991
Ian Simonsen - 1969 – 1975, 1985 – 1988
Tau Waapu (inherited by Judy Waapu) - 1976 – 1997 (Tau) 1985 – 1991, 1998 – 2010+ (Judy)
Janet Beauchamp  (Planet) - 1984 - 1996
Simon West - 1983 – 1999, 2001 – 2002
Tony Horsefield - 1986 – 1999, 2001 – 2005
Celeste Jones - 1980 – 2013+
Keriana Paewai - 1991  - 2012
Dean Hulls - 2002 – 2013+

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