Friday Night Lights

The 2024 junior rugby season will see friday night lights take center stage, with the U6-U7 grades playing under lights on a Friday evening in a new improved version of Rippa rugby.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

This new concept will see more action and engagment for all players and coaches who are involved, with smaller sized teams allowing each player to have more involvement. The new version will be trialled by the University and Marist RFC with each club getting the chance to host on a monthly rotation.

For the first 3 Fridays of each month the sessions will stay "in-house" (University teams only) with the last Friday of every month played against a Marist RFC team. Each club will share hosting the evening at the end of each month.

Plan of attack:

5:40 pm - Arrive and find your team

5:50 pm - Specific skills (catch, pass, evasion)

6:05 pm - Game agaisnt other teams

6:30 pm - Finish up 

Bar and kitchen are open every Friday Evening.​​​​​​​

If your new to the club and would like to either manage or coach a team please get in touch as we would love to have you onboard.