Race Info

You will start at your specified time according to our watches, please allow yourself adequate time to prepare yourself and get to the start line at the front of the school hall..

Route map can be found at https://nz.mapometer.com/running/route_5366714.html

Relay Competitors: A Start Time is shown for Lap 1 entrants. If your Start Time above is blank, you have been entered to complete lap 2, 3, or 4. Liaise with your Lap 1 entrant to sort out your schedule.

The lap changes for 4 person relay will be –

1-2: Park Street just past UH Recycling Station

2-3: 247A Parkes Line Road just after old school road

3-4:  Whitemans Valley Road (near 420) just over Narrow Neck Stream bridge

The first section of the course is as follows: turn right into Forest Road, right into Pinehaven Road, left into BlueMountains Road and left into Whitemans road. You then travel towards Silverstream station, take left near the roundabout into Kiln Street. Cross the road to the right side when safe and take a right at Field Street and go under the overpass and left into Fergusson Drive. Continue on Fergusson Drive until you reach Sutherland Avenue which becomes Messines Avenue.

On Alexander Road, keep to the right and when on the bend approaching the intersection with Ward Street/Mangaroa Hill Road/Lane Street use the grass verge as oncoming traffic can be speeding, anticipating the 80k/h zone'. 

Distances are not marked but water only drink stations are at approximately 5km spacings, placed to double as marshal points. Intermediate times will not be called.

There is a pedestrian subway for crossing under SH2, just north of the Akatarawa turnoff. Marshals will indicate its location. Please do not cross on the carriageway.

Shortly after returning to SH2 after Gen Stone Drive, you will be directed onto a gravel track, keeping you off the road. It will lead you to a subway under the bridge at Te Marua for crossing SH2, there is no need to cross the carriageway, and doing so will take you off the course.

A lot of the course is on rural roads, and is both narrow and winding. Ask your supporters to show consideration for other runners and vehicles, especially when they are pulling off the road or back into traffic.

N.B.:   2km of the race, between the 38km and 40km marks, is downhill, some of it quite steep. If you are not an experienced downhill runner or walker, you will need to exercise caution to avoid injury. Remember, you still have 2km to go when you reach the flat. Keep as close as you can to the Left Hand side whilst running down Blue Mountains Road. Do not cut corners.

Please comply with the directions of all Race Officials, and remember that we are sharing the road with other users. In general you will be requested to run on the Right Hand side of the road until the top of Blue Mountains Road, where you will be asked to cross over to the Left Hand Side until you turn into Forest Road.

Personal Safety: As a precaution against the effects of the Winter climate, you are advised to wear appropriate additional clothing - such as polypropylene - under your uniform singlet. Parkas may also be worn.

Even in cooler weather, illness from overheating may be experienced. Hyperthermia (overheating) and hypothermia (excessive cooling) often have similar symptoms. If you become aware you are feeling unwell/nauseous or exhausted, clumsy, aggressive or other unusual signs, slow down, and stop if no improvement is experienced. Seek help. If you notice a fellow competitor with any of these signs, encourage them to slow down or stop and get help for them.

Causes of hyper/othermia can be varied and include weather/temperature/humidity/wind conditions, exercising above your level of preparedness, loss of sweating ability, dehydration, fatigue, and usually a combination of several causes. Alcohol consumption the night before can have a marked influence on the body’s regulatory function.

Tea, coffee, soup and biscuits will be provided for competitors and supporters at the Pinehaven Community Hall at the end of the race

The presentation of prizes and the draw for spot prizes will be held at the Pinehaven Community Hall, where a light meal will be provided for competitors and supporters. There will be no charge for competitors, although supporters  are asked to contribute $10 each for the meal. The meal will be available from approximately 2:00pm, and the prize giving will commence at about the same time – when results are complete. Please understand that we are trying to complete proceedings early to accommodate those with long distance travel.