Ian Priest Memorial Hutt River Trail Events

15th January 2022

Run or walk an off-road Ultramarathon, Marathon, Half Marathon or 10Km, following the course from Cross Creek in the Wairarapa, over the Rail Trail, tracing the Hutt River trail, from the foothills of the Rimutaka Mountains at Kaitoke to the river’s estuary at McEwan Park on the shores of Wellington Harbour.    


Events & Start Times & Start Locations:

EventStart LocationTime of Start
Ultra MarathonCross Creek6.30am
Marathon (finishing longer than 5 hours)Kaitoke7.30am
Marathon (finishing under 5 hours)Kaitoke8.30am
Half MarathonMoonshine Road10.30am
10km Fun Run/WalkMcEwen Park, Petone12.00pm


These are well marked off-road events, over a variety of surfaces including: bush tracks, grass, gravel and sealed footpaths, and some unsealed vehicle tracks.    There is approximately 5Km of public road in the early part of the Marathon course.   

All of the course is shared with other Users, such as runners, walkers, trampers, cyclists and – in some places – motor vehicles.   

Unusual features include: Tunnels, stiles, gateways and zigzags, and one flight of steps (up).

The majority of the course, including all of the Half Marathon and 10Km, is flat, with some undulations over obstacles such as stop banks, etc..    The first 5Km of the Marathon has some hills – mostly down.    Overall, the Marathon course loses some 200 – 300 metres of elevation from start to finish.   

The first 18Km of the Ultra Marathon follows the historic Rimutaka Incline Rail Trail – approx. 7Km uphill to start with.

The Ian Priest Memorial Ultra Marathon (60Km):

The 60Km Ultra Marathon (which is unmarked until it joins the Marathon) will start at the Featherston end of the Rimutaka Incline Rail Trail, and will follow the Rail Trail across the Rimutaka Range until it meets the Marathon course at Kaitoke, which becomes the last 42Km of the Ultra Marathon.    You will be asked to carry your own water, etc. for the first 23Km, after which the Marathon drink stations will be available.    If required, you will be provided with light-weight portable lighting for the four tunnels in this sector.


The 42.195 Kilometre Marathon course will start at Kaitoke,  on Incline Road, north of Upper Hutt, in the foothills of the Rimutaka Mountains, and after entering Kaitoke Loop Road for a few hundred metres, turn left and travel down an old railway route (including a tunnel) via the Tunnel Gully Recreation Reserve to Maymorn.    The first road section of the course (c4Km) travels from Maymorn to Te Marua, crossing under SH2, then a short distance south to meet the walkway.    A 2Km bush and grass trail takes you to Akatarawa, where you meet the second road section (c1Km).    Bridge Street takes you to the beginning of The Hutt River Trail proper near Totara Park where, after a short distance, you cross a suspension footbridge into Harcourt Park.    From Harcourt Park you follow the left bank of the Hutt River for 20Km to Avalon, travelling through Poet’s Corner, Moonshine and Trentham Memorial Parks, and passing Silverstream, Stokes Valley and Taita.    At Avalon, you cross the Kennedy-Good Bridge to Belmont, and travel along the right bank of the river, past the Lower Hutt CBD, to its estuary at Petone.    The last 2Km of your picturesque journey skirts the river estuary, and passes through the Hikoikoi Reserve to the finish on McEwan Park on the Petone foreshore.

Half Marathon:

The Half Marathon starts at Moonshine Park, on the south side of the Moonshine Bridge, and travels along the last half of the Marathon course.

10Km Fun Run/Walk:

The 10Km Fun Run/Walk starts near McEwen Park, Petone,  crossing  the Estuary Bridge to the Eastern Side of the Hutt River, travels upstream (north) to the Ewen Bridge where you return to the western side of the river, and travel north for several hundred metres. At this point you will be directed up onto the stop bank, and traveling south, merge with the other events to finish back at McEwen Park. No transport is required for this event

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Further Enquiries welcome: Hadley Bond phone 04 233 2241, email: Auroraharriers@hotmail.co.nz or aotearoa@lionsclubs.org.nz

Maps: Links for all the courses are below

Ultra-Marathon: http://nz.mapometer.com/running/route_4462578

Marathon: http://nz.mapometer.com/running/route_4463602

Half Marathon: http://nz.mapometer.com/running/route_4463600

10kms: https://us.mapometer.com/running/route_4850337.html

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