Dressage Test Coaching and Ring Craft

by Lois Andrewes ESNZ List 2 dressage judge.

I have over 40 years experience as a NZ  national judge and have judged  dressage at all levels including HOY, NZ and Nth Island Dressage Championship and NZPC Eventing Championships. 

I am offering coaching in dressage test riding and ringcraft to riders of all ages and experience. 

The aim is for riders to become more aware of where they are losing marks due to inaccurate or incorrect riding of dressage test movements. Also to help riders develop a better understanding of the principles of riding a test and what the judges expect at that level.   

I am particularly interested in developing the happy horse, happy rider way of working together as this aspect has become very important in recent years.  

I am also able to help you develop your musical freestyle movements and timing ready to set to music. 

For further information please contact

Lois Andrewes, phone/text 0273610136 or email [email protected]