About Us

Bays Athletics is New Zealand’s Premier Athletics Club, and the first winner of the New Zealand “Club of the Year” title, awarded from all sports.

The Club consistently wins more medals at National Championships than any other club in New Zealand.

Situated at the Millennium Institute of Sport & Health. AUT Millennium Stadium, 17 Antares Place, Mairangi Bay, (off Apollo and Constellation Drives) Auckland.

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Club History

East Coast Bays Club operated in the 1950’s as a Children’s-only club. In 1973 North Shore Club was formed as a Senior-only club.  In 1977 their respective presidents (Graeme Avery and Dave Norris) initiated a merger and North Shore Bays Athletics was born. The Club underwent a name change to North Harbour Bays and the athletes compete as Bays Athletics  Because the 300m track at Windsor Park was inadequate for its expanding membership, the Club fundraised, built and maintained the $3 million Sovereign Stadium.

With the building of the Millennium Institute of Sport & Health, the Club generously handed over major assets, including the stadium to the Institute, to form part of the Sovereign Sports Super Centre.

The Institute features state of the art sporting facilities:


Eight lane outdoor Rekortan track - Two horizontal jump pits - Two high jump fans - Two shot competition circles - Two pole vault areas - A discus and a hammer compeition circle - Two javelin runways - Full electronic timing facilities - Floodlighting for night training/competition.


Indoor six lane athletics track (60m) with 20m  deceleration zone Mondo surface with timing  and force measuring capability - Horizontal jumping pit (with force plate  capability) - Pole vault dome - High jump fan with force plate capability - Strength and conditioning equipment and video  analysis cameras and timing gates


Club Vision

To be the most outstanding Athletics Club in Australasia across the entire spectrum of athletics activities (Track & Field, Road, Cross Country, Children’s Section, Senior Section, Masters Section) for all levels of personal, recreational and performance achievements, working in association with AUT Millennium.

Club Mission

We will provide all the elements necessary to provide a pathway for every member to excel at whatever appropriate level they choose, especially on the National and International stage, in an environment that has:

Excellent unified administration and management

World-class coaching, facilities and equipment

A range of innovative and exciting programmes

Best possible appropriate competition opportunities

In a club that is financially self-sustaining

With a friendly and supportive social structure

At an appropriate cost for the value of the product and services

Integrity and Ethics

We conduct our day to day affairs in a professional and honest manner in respect to our members, governing bodies, officials and other competitors and the community.


Our goal is to do the very best that we can, to compete and maximise our potential as an organisation and as individuals.  The pursuit of excellence, in an honest and open way.

Respect for People

We maintain an environment built on mutual respect, openness, and individual integrity. Respect for people includes our concern for all people who touch or are touched by our organisation: members, family of members, employees, partners, and communities.

Respect for Property and Rules of the Sport

To respect all property including Club property, AUT Millennium and any other facility and equipment used in our sport and to respect the rules and practices that relate to facilities, property and equipment

To have Fun

In all events we participate and contribute to be positive and have fun.

Foster Drug Free Sport

To uphold the Mission of Drug Free Sport in New Zealand.  “To provide a sporting environment free of banned doping methods for our Club and our athletes".

Club Pride

As New Zealand’s premier athletics club, show and demonstrate pride in the Club. Continue to support and build onto the legacy of those members before, who worked hard to build the reputation of North Harbour Bays Athletics. To act in a way, so as not to undermine this reputation,


Embrace Innovation

Foster an environment in which new ideas and ways of doing things flourish and develop.



Our People / Club Honours​​​​​​​

Life Members

Gaby Avery, Graeme Avery, Doug Hills, Kevin Hoare, Alma Lorimer, Keith Lorimer, Stan Meek, Eric Mullinger, Dave Norris, Lee Norris, Joanne Roscoe​​​​​​​, Jonathan Wood, John Leydon, Paul Hamblyn, Russ Hoggard, Tony Deleiros, Chrissie Waring

Key Office Holders


1978 -  2011       Graham Avery

2012  - 2018       Dave Norris

2019 -                 John Leydon 

Vice Presidents

1978 - 1987        Dave Norris

1988 - 1990        Kevin Hoare

1991 - 2000        Dave Norris

2001 - 2002        John Leydon

2003 - 2011        Dave Norris

2012 - 2018        John Leydon

2019 -                 Tony Catchpole


2005 - 2012        John Leydon

2012 - 2014         Pete Smalberger

​​​​​​​2014 - 2015         Chris Pilone

2015 - 2017         Dave Norris

2017 - 2019         Chris Pilone

2019 -                  Tony Catchpole